5 Cute & comfy shoes every mom will love

Oh sure, there are fabulous stilletto-wearing moms that wouldn't be caught dead in anything other than heels. Let me make this abundantly clear: I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE MOTHERS! Ahh, hell no. I love shoes, but I value comfort and I'm sorry, but my children and heels do not mix. At least not at the moment.

Does that mean that I sacrifice style? Absolutely not! I rock cute shoes every single day. Shoes that I can attest to walking a mile in because I walk a lot every day and I'm not just talking about up and down my hallway, I'm talking about up and down the hills of San Francisco, California. Shoes that I can chase after my kids in. Shoes that are friggin' adorable and comfortable.

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Of couse my idea of cute may not be your idea of cute, but you'll never know unless you take a look. So take a look at my five go-to mom shoes that cute and comfy!

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Add Comment What are favorite your go-to MOM shoes?


The Vans are the only ones I would rock personally. 


I only like the ballerina flats.


I like the Vans and ballerina flats which I actually do wear 


#1 and #5 love them!


I like the ballernia flats!


Flats and sneakers


I like the Vans and the flats

I love flats
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