5 Workout pants way better than Lululemon, all under $50!

Lululemon, the upscale yoga clothing retailer, has recently decided to yank their popular yoga pants from store shelves and from their website after a number of customers complained about "increased sheerness." And thank God, because who wants to be wearing a pair of practically see-through pants while practicing downward dog or child's pose and worry about people behind you being subjected to a full view of your underwear? I sure don't!

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Wearing yoga pants with sheer fabric is definitely not ideal, especially since they cost a pretty penny at almost $100! Which is why the brand is currently working with its suppliers to replace the fabric with materials that will ACTUALLY cover your booty. But don't worry! Until Lululemon finally gets their pants fixed, there are ton of other cute and affordable workout gear options out there that will keep you covered up no matter what your exercise method is--all for under $50!

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Add Comment What kind of workout pants do you like to wear?

There is no way I'm going to spend $100 on excersise pants. At least there is other affordable alternatives.
Love yoga pants but I don't spend over $15 on them

I like the nike ones for running and lululemon but its way to expenisive!

Not bad although I don't spend a lot on exercising clothes

Pilates Pants



I like the yoga pants the best.


I like pilates pants and capris...I don't spend much on them, don't see the reason for it when they're for getting all sweaty.

I am happy with my Old Navy yoga pants. Much more affordable at $19.
My favorites are fold over yoga pants. I have about 4 pair and got them all for less than $10 each at Ross! ;)

This article grabbed my attention cuz just tonight my two daughters were complaining about their yoga pants they were working out in.  One kept tugging them up, though they are not too big,  and one was complaining about a scratchy waitsband.  I guess we could do better if we bought more expensive ones. 

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