Grammy Awards: The most memorable fashion moments of all time!

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards are this Sunday and I can't wait to see what some of our favorite celebs are going to be wearing. As much as I love music, I'll admit what really gets me watching the big show is the amazing red carpet fashion. It's one of the few red carpet events where we get to see the stars really let loose with their style. But now with the new Grammy Award dress code that's set to be enforced this year, I'm curious to see who'll be showing up in a completely outrageous ensemble and who'll go for head-toe-glam.

Producers have already sent out detailed guidelines to this year's nominees and attendees advising that they dress "properly" to this Sunday's show in an obvious attempt to avoid any crazy wardrobe malfunctions. Some of the wild duds on the no-fly memo are no butt cracks, no thongs, no sheer dresses, no exposed nipples, no bare sides and no side boobs.

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That's a whole lot of fashion rules if you ask me, especially considering that some of the best red-carpet moments of the past have been those over-the-top styles, like the super suggestive Versace dress J.Lo wore at the 2000 Grammy awards. How can we forget that one? In honor of this year's awards let's step back into the past and check out some of the most iconic fashion moments from the big show!

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Add Comment Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year's Grammy Awards?


I really don't  have anyone in particular that I am wanting to see.  I just like watching the whole show. :)

I think ill be watching.
The dresses that did not have boobs about to fall out looked very nice.

I don't have one particular person I want to see. But I am ready to watch the program.

I love to check out the show. I'll be likely to post about who did NOT look good lol

I have no idea who is going to be at the Grammys.


I don't actually follow the Grammys.


Esperanza's 2011 dress was just yuck.



I don't really watch the Grammys.

I haven't watched the Grammy's in so many years. But I do like to followed up on the "who wore it best" type things afterwards.
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