5 chic & cozy winter boots that will keep you warm

Baby, it's cold outside! And that means your favorite high heels, ballet flats, and stylish loafers aren't going to cut it. When the temperature starts to drop it's crucial to have a pair of sturdy footwear that's going to keep your feet nice and toasty throughout the winter season. As warm as sheepskin lining may be, you won't catch me dead in a pair of Uggs. So instead, I'm searching for some cozy winter boots that will keep my toes happy without compromising my style. Check out a few of my favorite boots that are guaranteed to have your feet stylish and safe from the brunt of the cold weather.

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Add Comment What kind of boots are your rocking this winter?
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Add Comment What kind of boots are your rocking this winter?


I actually need to buy a pair. The last pair of boots I wore was back before my oldest was born.



I don't really wear boots.


I love them all!! I do have a couple of snow boots but no rain boots, I should look into getting a pair.


The only snow boots I currently have are an all black pair of Timberlands. I used to have a nice pair of snow boots that I gave to my niece a few years ago when she needed some.

I have a pair of black lace-up booties like the ones shown that I like wearing on weekends. And my husband bought me a pair of brown boots for Christmas that go well with casual or dressy wear, so I'm looking forward to wearing them.

I have been thinking about getting rain boots. I've seen some nice ones with cute patterns on them.

My favorite of all of these are the wedge boots with fold-down cuff. They're really cute.



Those are some cute boots. I will take a pari of the snow boots. Since it's snowing now!


wedge boots lol I need the height!

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