Adidas cancels new sneaker for being too...racist? (PHOTOS)

Who knew a pair of sneakers could be so controversial? Adidas has canceled its plans for a new sneaker after critics called the shoes, which features a shackle-like ankle cuff, "racist." Wait, what?!

The JS Roundhouse Mid, a high-top sneaker with an orange plastic cuff, was originally made as part of a collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott. But when Adidas released a picture of a show on its Facebook site, some of the public reacted less than favorably, claiming the shoe resembled a symbol of slavery and perpetuated racism.

Adidas responded by releasing this statement:

The sneaker "is nothing more than the designer Jeremy Scott's outrageous and unique take on fashion and has nothing to do with slavery. Since the shoe debuted on our Facebook page ahead of its market release in August, Adidas has received both favorable and critical feedback. We apologize if people are offended by the design and we are withdrawing our plans to make them available in the marketplace."

OK, am I the only one who thinks people are being waaay overdramatic about this? I mean, it's a shoe!  Besides, this is hardly the first time similar things have been featured on clothing. What about all those pants with chains on the sides or dresses with cuffs around the neck?

As far as I'm concerned, the only crime it's committing is being hideously ugly, not to mention insanely overpriced. If it had been released, the shoe would have retailed for a whopping $350!!  Who in their right mind would pay that kind of money for sneakers like that?

And these aren't the only shoes that have raised some eyebrows for their, umm, unique designs. Check below for some more of the company's interesting Jeremy Scott designs:

What do you think of the shoes? Tell us in the comments below!

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I think black people bring the slavery issue all the time because they can't get ahead and they use it as an excuse.  I am not a racist person but I did asked a black person(yes, I do not call them African Americans because for me to be African American means that you are born in America from African parents) why so many issues.  Her answer was because they have been so misstreated during slavery and they can't forget. But now I say, hispanic people have been misstreated by americans, white, blacks, europeans, everybody and we don't hold a grudge.  We move on.  Black americans need to do the same and go beyond all those complexes that are destroying out world.  They are trying so much to not discriminate that all they are doing is creating more racism and a more separated world.  The shoes?  They are hedious, but I don't think they are racist.  Again, if they are the ones that spend $100's of dollars in stupid shoes(yes, they are the ones that line up the most) then don't say that they are being racist.  It is a shoe!!!


Why would anyone even want to wear those!!

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