The 10 most beautiful bridal gowns ever worn by Latina celebs (PHOTOS)

It's World Marriage Day and we have weddings and love on our minds! We celebrated with some real-life amazing love stories earlier, and now we want to relive some of the most memorable Latino celeb weddings--and, of course, the amazing wedding gowns they were wearing!

So we took a look back at what some of our other favorite Latina brides wore on their big day and boy, were there some amazing dresses! From Mariah Carey's sexy vow renewal gown to Eva Longoria's classic style, here are our top ten picks!

Add Comment Which of these gowns is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!
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Add Comment Which of these gowns is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


I don't know if it because I'm a fan of Eva Langoria but to me her dress was one of the most beautiful other than Salma Hayek dress!! Both Of them looked so bonitas...

OMG what was Cristina Agilera and Nicole Richie thinking lol...they looked a hot mess!!

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Mariah, Fergie and Nicole are not Latinas! :/
I was going to say the same as Sea0701, I'm pretty sure those women are not Latina.
Whoa, so I went and looked it up, and turns out those 3 women are indeed Latina. Guess that'll teach me to judge a book by its cover. Lol Sorry. =/
Wow some of those are hidious
I only liked Fergies dress and they're not all Latinas lol
How did Mariah manage to hold up that heavy and very large bouquet? It looks like it belongs on top of a casket. Did anyone notice that 5 out of 11 of theses marriages ended, how sad.

Fergie's dress was amazing!


I never knew Fergie was of Latin descent!


Eva Langoria's dress was so pretty!

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