The 10 wackiest baby names that should be banned forever


Some parents love getting creative when picking a baby name! My name is pretty unique and gets mispronounced all of the time. I get called "sue-g" or "sue-gay" by strangers when in fact my name is pronounced "sue-hey." I've grown to love my name, but there are some unique names that are just too wacky to embrace. A child's name sticks with them forever, unless they legally change it, so why would you curse them with a ridiculous moniker? I promise, these are so bad they'll make you laugh and cry.

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10 Huge hair mistakes you NEED to stop making now

Hairstyling PHOTOS

After years of working as a beauty writer, you'd think I know everything there is to know about hair by now. But it turns out I've still been doing a ton of damage to my locks and not even realizing it. Here I am thinking I'm been doing everything right. I no longer towel dry my curls, use sulfate-free products only and comb my wet hair with a wide-tooth comb instead of a flat brush. So what other bad hair habits do I still need to break? Oh, there are many, wait until you read all the common hair mistakes you need to stop making!

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11 Celeb couples who mix business with pleasure

carlos PHOTOS

Celebs always love mixing business and pleasure, but it's hardly ever a good idea. Carlos Ponce and Ximena Duque are taking their relationship to the next level by co-owning a salon together. The lovebirds have recently unveiled their new business venture, Duchess & Duke Salon in Miami. As long as they put up a photo of the hot couple, I'm sure the salon will do well, but what happens if they split? Ximena and Carlos have been dating since 2010 and had a brief split before reconciling in 2013. Will things go sour again? 

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SEE inside Marc Anthony's multimillion dollar mansions!


When Marc Anthony moves on he really means it! The salsero, who got hitched to Shannon de Lima in the fall, is officially done with the beautiful real estate property he shared with exes Dayanara Torres and Jennifer Lopez and with the Cali bachelor pad that saw who knows what during his single days. Marc has decided to sell his glamorous $12 million Long Island, New York mansion and his $2.8 million Encino, California home. His houses are truly one of a kind, but I can see why he's bidding farewell to them. His new wife probably isn't too fond of the idea of sharing a home he used to live in with his two exes ... and one that was his single pad.

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10 Essential bras every woman should own


I always say a fabulous outfit starts with the right bra. Trust me, the right bra can make your boobs look perkier, your clothes look better and your body look slimmer. Yes, it's that important! So important in fact, that wearing the same two or three bras every day isn't going to get you very far--at least not when it comes to looking pulled together. I'm telling you, girl, it's what underneath that counts!

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10 Dramatic Miss Universe plastic surgery transformations

paulina PHOTOS

I love how beauty queens never like admitting they've had work done. They want us to believe God just made them that perfect! The moment Colombia's Miss Universe winner Paulina Vega hit the stage I knew something was different about her. And by different I mean sort of fake. She's a gorgeous girl, but we all know Miss Universe contestants seem to have their own secret society when it comes to faking the natural look. Vega recently answered the daunting question whether she supports going under the knife and tried to answer it as gracefully as possible. Girl, I'm not buying it. 

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Jessica Alba's 10 best bikini moments ever

jessica PHOTOS

The winter blues may be hitting me hard, but I can count on Jessica Alba to help me pile on the depression. The Hollywood actress recently posted a hot bikini photo of her vacationing in Thailand and I'm soaking in envy. It's not just the weather or her freaking perfect bikini body that fills me with jelly emotions. She's also meditating by the shore in the photo! This photo was taken just around the same time I was peeling my long johns off. Not a pretty sight I tell you. No, Jessica Alba already has that covered for us. 

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West need to stop matching outfits!


All eyes were on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at last night's BET Honors, and surprisingly it wasn't because Kim suffered a nip slip or her butt crack was showing. The couple rocked the red carpet in matching black couture outfits designed by Balmain. Now, that's a way to shut down divorce rumors! I'm all for wearing a classic black gown to an event, but making sure to color coordinate with my spouse just seems like way extra work, not to mention extra superficial. Wait, I am talking about the woman who wrote a book about selfies titled Selfish. Why should I have higher standards, right?

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Miss Universe Paulina Vega: 11 things to know about the Colombian beauty

paulina PHOTOS

A new Latina has taken the Miss Universe crown and we're still celebrating! Paulina Vega walked out a winner during last night's 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant. Once the top five was announced, I knew it was going to be between Colombia, USA and Jamaica. All of the women were beautiful, but of course there could only be one ganadora! This year, Vega is rocking a new custom-made crown inspired by the New York City skyline. Vega wears it well! How much do you know about the 2015 Miss Universe? I did some digging and the chismes aren't all pretty! 

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10 Tricks to looking beautiful without trying

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Girl, I'm not alone when I say that when it comes to beauty tips, tricks and fixes we all say: "Yes, please!" Very few of us have the time and energy to indulge in a daily beauty routine. I try to wash my face every day and apply moisturizer in the morning and before bed, but I'm not always successful. It's hard! I always regret my lack of enthusiasm when I'm getting ready to go to an event. My face never looks or feels the best and I have to perform magic tricks to make it look decent. If you are like, this slideshow is just for you because I'm going to show you easy things you can do at home to look always beautiful.

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