Huge Latino baby born weighing in close to 15 pounds!


Wait until you see the picture of baby Francisco Leon Ortiz who was born weighing almost 15 pounds! This child is HUGE. He was born on December 2 by Cesarean section to Yessica Ortiz Delgado at Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Washington. Francisco Leon Ortiz tipped the scale at 14 pounds, 11 ounces. This is not the first time that Yessica Ortiz Delgado gives birth to a big baby, her two other children came into the world weighing 12 pounds each, but Francisco was so big at birth that his daddy, Francisco Leon Diaz, had to run out and buy him new clothes because he didn't fit into the newborn clothes they had for him. Ready to see this big cutie?

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25 Vibrant baby names inspired by colors


It's easy to think that baby names inspired by colors are a new trendy faddish sort of thing, but really they're not. As our friends over at Baby Name Wizard point out, "Between the floral names of the Victorian era and the beloved jewel names of the turn of the century" parents have been digging color names for quite some time.

What is kind of brand new about the color name choices people are making now is that we've opened up the whole box of crayons, so to speak. Instead of sticking to traditional color names, we've become more adventurous in our choices. What I love about this trend and trust me that I love this trend (I named both of my daughters after colors) is that it's beautiful and not as weird as so many make it out to be. I mean colors are all around us and they have always inspired us, why wouldn't they inspire our baby name choices?

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Shakira tells Milan he's going to be a big brother!


Emotionally preparing your first born for a sibling could be an emotional task, but pregnant Shakira seems to have nailed it! The Colombian pop star recently admitted that she searched parenting sites online to figure out the best way to break the baby news to her son Milan. Doesn't that make her seem so normal? After doing the research, Shaki decided to follow her heart and her little toddler responded in the cutest way possible.

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¡Felicidades Adamari!

Adamari López: "Mira de lo que me estoy cuidando en mi embarazo"

Adamari_lopez_embarazo VIDEO

¡Son tantos los cambios que está experimentando mi cuerpo de mujer embarazada! Es fascinante vivir todos y cada uno de ellos. Aunque mi embarazo seguro es diferente al de otras mujeres, una cosa que es cierta para todas es que cuidar de nuestra salud es imperativo ahora más que nunca. He pensado más allá de los controles mensuales y semanales que me esperan según avanza mi embarazo, y algo que a muchas puede que se nos olvide es la salud oral. ¡No sabía cómo esto también se impacta con los grandes cambios que está viviendo el cuerpo durante el embarazo! Yo fui directo a mi dentista y mira de lo que me dijo nos tenemos que cuidar y cómo…

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Woman wakes from seizure & discovers she's given birth!

A woman who suffered from a seizure caused by preeclampsia got the shock of her life when she woke up to learn she'd delivered her baby. Gemma Jamieson was six months pregnant when she went into convulsions while at a car show with her husband. Doctors rushed to save the 23-year-old mom's life and decided to deliver her baby via Caesarean section to save its life as well. Imagine waking up with no recollection that any of this has happened!

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Zoe Saldana gave birth to twins!


So, I've been scratching my head for a while wondering what's going on with Zoe Saldana and hubby Marco Perego. It's just that I haven't seen them out and about showing off Saldana's baby bump lately. Could it be because Zoe Saldana gave birth? Ahhhh, I think so you guys. It is being reported that Zoe Saldana gave birth to the twins we've been so eagerly anticipating!!!

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Water birth: 5 Facts you didn't know


Many pregnant women are opting to have a water birth instead of delivering their baby at a hospital bed. According to Water Birth International, an estimated 10 percent of hospitals and 90 percent of birth centers are offering the water birth option. While the majority of water births are safe and offer health benefits for the mother, executing the procedure improperly could have deadly risks. In Texas, a newborn recently died due to exposure to Legionella bacteria found in the birthing pool water. Here are five crucial facts about water birth you need to know before you decide.

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35 Delightful one-syllable baby names


Our buddies over at Babyname Wizard came up with a great list of one-syllable baby names. The whole concept of choosing a baby name because it only has one-syllable kind of blew my mind only because I had never thought about it. But now that I think about it there are ALL kinds of great reasons to choose a one-syllable baby name.

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SEE an ultrasound of baby with a heart-shaped head


A gender-revealing ultrasound turned into the most extraordinary experience for two expectant parents from the U.K. Beverley Winter and Ben Platt, both 20, were stunned when a 3D ultrasound scan revealed that the baby boy growing in Beverley's stomach had a heart-shaped head. Though they initially worried that the baby might be born with developmental anormalities, they were reassured by their doctors. Sure enough, when little Logan was born in September, he no longer had a heart-shaped head. Now, his parents believe Logan sent them a message of love from inside the womb.

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Kim Kardashian says pregnancy weight gain is punishment from God


Kim Kardashian West graces three different covers of the Elle UK January Confidence issue. In the accompanying interview, Kim talks about how her confidence is hard won because she hasn't always been confident with all her curves. I don't care what anyone says, I think Kim Kardashian is beautiful and why shouldn't she be confident in her body? Okay, but then she goes on to talk about how she gained so much weight when she was pregnant and that she thinks her pregnancy weight gain was a punishment from God. Okay? Well, I don't care what anyone says, I think Kim Kardashian West is loca! Wait until you read the self-obsessery she spouted.

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