6 Myths about oral sex decoded

For every man oral sex is synonym of heaven. The bliss they experience when they are laying on their backs is celestial. For some women, giving oral sex is empowering. They love to have complete control over him using two weapons: her hand and her mouth. Oral sex should be fun and exciting because, if you are enjoying it, he will too. There are some myths regarding oral sex and we are going to decode them for you.

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8 Gross things about sex we don't talk about

Sex is one of the greatest things on this planet. It is up there with chocolate and ice cream, but unlike all of the passionate on-screen depictions of sex, it can also have its non-sexy moments. Here are eight really gross and nasty things about sex that no one likes to talk about ...

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9 Surprising facts about men with micropenises

Talk about micro-penises is on the rise! For those of you who don't know what a micro-penis is, let me fill you in on the deets. Micropenis is a term for a penis that measures approximately 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) "when stretched while flaccid," according to BuzzFeed. In other words, the average micropenis probably measures as long as the tip of your pinky finger. Wow! I…what…how?

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5 Craziest things people used to believe about vaginas


Back in the day, vaginas were pretty confusing to people. Science has advanced and thankfully people know the basic functions of a vagina, but we really shouldn't forget how ignorant people were. From the clitoris being a deadly warning sign to period blood killing sperm, there were plenty of crazy myths about the vagina. Here are five of the craziest lies about our lady parts

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5 Intimacy mistakes everyone makes


While most of our resolutions for the New Year have probably already been broken, working on your relationship shouldn't be one of them. Yes, this is a time of year to start fresh and learning from our mistakes is a part of that. I'm committed to leaving behind these common intimacy mistakes we all do in the bedroom. Who is joining me?

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8 Tips for a happier & healthier vagina


If you're like most people, chances are you've resolved to lead a healthier lifestyle this year. I'm sure you've already overhauled your diet and started going to the gym, which is great. But I have to be upfront with you, chica. If you're not taking care of your vagina, you're doing a half-assed job at leading a healthier and happier life. I'm just being real here. The truth is, your vajayjay is everything. It's the epicenter of physical pleasure. It brings new life into the world. It can tell you if and when something's up with your health. So why in the world aren't you paying her more attention?

Honestly, if you're serious about becoming a happier, healthier chica, you'll start taking better of your vagina. Here's how…

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6 Natural lubes that will ruin your sex life


People have been using makeshift lube since the dawn of time, and though we've come to understand a lot about the effects certain "natural" substances can have down there, you'd be surprised to know just what kind of crazy things some couples are still using to get wet and wild. Now, not all natural lube alteratives are bad. Many are great--not to mention they're cheap and handy. However, there are a few slippery substances out there that have no business being anywhere near your lady bits. Use the wrong homemade lube and you run the risk of going from hot and bothered to burning and irritated.

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7 Ways to make anal sex better


I know a lot of chicks that refuse to let their guy enter through their backdoor. Could you blame them though? Anal sex is a pretty intimate thing. Seriously, what could be more intimate then having something go in your butthole, a place where you're normally accustomed to letting things come out of (ahem)? Plus it could be painful and even awkward. How could any woman take pleasure in this? Let's just say it's not as bad as it sounds! Oh, and if you're my parents PLEASE don't read this!

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7 Foods that increase your sex drive

foods PHOTOS

Few things are as frustrating as getting sexy with your man and trying to take things further, but he just can't get his gears going. It's not just disappointing for you, but for him as well because it's not like he doesn't want to do the do. Well before going in for a Viagra prescription, you two should look into the virility diet.

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4 STDs you can get WITHOUT having sex

You may not be able to get some STDs from sitting on a public toilet, but apparently there are some you CAN get without having sex. In fact, most of the STDs that are contagious via skin-to-skin contact, you've probably never even heard of but the threat is very real. You can literally get them from some of the most unexpected places. Keep reading to find out how to protect yourself and your entire family for that matter. 


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