5 Ways to make missionary the best sex position ever


Missionary style, I know what you are thinking... This sex position is old, effective and always delivers, but it can also be boring and predictable. I mean, you are lying down, he's on top doing most of the work and hopefully it gets you where you need to be. A lot of tired couples choose this position to get it on and over quickly and for some this is a favorite. There are ways to spice up this oldie but goodie and make things in bed even hotter. Read on because we are going to give you some tips to make the missionary way sexier.

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7 Reasons why you're not having orgasms

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"I don't like getting off," said no woman ever. Having orgasm-less sex is a lot like eating cake without frosting or having ice cream without whipped cream or a cherry on top; it's good, but you know it could be a lot better. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing O-less sex. Sex builds intimacy, whether or not you get off. But toe-curling, mind-bending sex feels good AND it can even keep the blues at bay. So, what's the deal? Why aren't more of us reaping these sexy benefits?

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Lawyer hypnotized his clients to have sex with them


To be honest, I'm sick and tired of con artists and I'm glad this one didn't get away. 57 year old Michael Fine, is an attorney from Ohio who hypnotized his female clients and forced them to perform sex acts. He took advantage of the vulnerable emotional state of his clients and abused them. A woman identified as "Jane Doe" alerted the police after she had a meeting with Fine and her clothes were out of place and her vagina was wet. Fine, who calls himself "the world's greatest lover" is facing charges and will have his license revoked.

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6 Best & worst things about anal sex

Entering from the backdoor isn't a welcoming experience for everyone. Anal sex can be all pain and no pleasure for some women while others may enjoy it as much as their partner. There are many misconceptions about anal sex that leave many people nodding their heads in disapproval before even giving it a try. Bring your sex IQ up with the following six things women love and hate about anal sex. Can you relate?

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10 Foods that will make your man's penis work wonders!


You may be a pro at keeping your sex life steamy, but there are natural ways to make your man's erection even more mind-blowing. Certain foods can help boost his libido and promote the erection of your dreams--without any Viagra! This is one of the easiest ways to improve your sex life. I mean, who doesn't like to eat?!

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3 Main reasons why women don't want to have sex after baby

Having sex for the first time after giving birth is often the last box on the endless checklist for many new moms. Your sex life might have been healthy before getting pregnant and giving birth, but who has time for that now? Between changing, feeding, watching and stalking your newborn from the baby monitor, new moms have their hands full without adding "have sex" to the daily routine. There three main reasons new moms don't want to have sex and ways to keep the intimacy going with your partner. What should you do between those six to eight weeks of recovery? We have you covered.

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Super hot Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is out


Yes, yes, yaaasss! The new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is finally here, and it's bigger, longer, and better than ever! The steamy trailer dropped Thursday evening and is already burning up the Internet. It's really no wonder why. The new teaser is bigger, longer, and way more, shall we say, revealing than ever.

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9 most common sex problems solved by the experts

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Sex is possibly the most intimate activity we can experience with another human being. Whether it's a fling or an expression of your love, sex is private and personal. That's why when our sex lives take dive or are MIA for any reason, we tend to take it personally. But sabes que? You really shouldn't.  

The truth is, you're not alone; tons of people have had sucky lulls in their sex lives, many of which are due to sucky lulls in their relationship. It's par for the course, and most of the time, these issues are totally reversible.


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5 Of the best hot sex tips for cold nights

Cold winter nights are on the way, but that doesn't mean your libido has to freeze up like the frigid temps! While the last thing on your mind is getting naked, there are ways to turn up the heat in the bedroom during the winter and make sure you are still being satisfied. With these five winter sex tips, it will be feeling like a Miami summer night in your bedroom. 

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Man gets his girlfriend's sex toy stuck you will NOT believe where! (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

If this man's girlfriend didn't know he liked things stuck up his anus then she came home to a horrifying scene. A Greek man ended up getting his novia's strap-on stuck up his rectum and had to undergo emergency surgery to get it out. Geez, I hope that wasn't her favorite toy! Can you imagine the horror on his face when he realized he couldn't get the sucker out? Ah, my privates hurt just thinking about it. The most horrifying part of it all is that the operation was caught on video. Please don't watch this sober. I beg of you. 

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