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Zoe Saldana is having twin boys!

We are thrilled that the gender of Zoe Saldana's twins has finally been revealed! The Latina actress and her husband Marco Perego are expecting twin boys. Zoe must be so excited! Several sources (or shall we say chismosos?) confirmed the gender news to E! Online. They also revealed that Zoe was hoping to have a boy. Bueno, now she has two! Zoe doesn't plan on stopping there when it comes to expanding her familia.  

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10 Latina celebrities who look just like Old Hollywood stars


I know they say everyone has a twin out there, but is it possible to have one across several generations? If you're Eva Mendes, it is. The 40-year-old new mom is the spitting image half-Mexican actress Raquel Welch. The similarities between the two Latina bombshells are pretty uncanny, especially when you look at old pics of the now 74-year-old Raquel. They look just alike, right down to their almond shaped eyes, down-turned noses, and sultry pouts. They even favor the same big, voluminous hairstyles, for Pedro's sake! 

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Elizabeth Gutierrez takes William Levy back for the kids


Just when we thought Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy's relationship status was officially over, we are proven wrong. The Mexican beauty hasn't given up on her longtime really rocky relationship with the Cuban hunk. Let's not forget, Levy was photographed hooking up with his telenovela co-star and former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete (while he thought no one was looking). His affair rumors with Ximena should have been the icing on the cake since he also allegedly hooked up with Maite Perroni when they filmed Triunfo del amor. Seriously, what is Elizabeth thinking, taking him back? 

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Eva Longoria removing tattoos for her new man


Eva Longoria is in love and ready for a fresh start! The Latina actress is reportedly getting rid of her tattoos, including some dedicated to ex-husband Tony Parker, to show her new boyfriend José "Pepe" Antonio Baston that she is serious about their romance. A source told OK! Magazine, "Pepe's been telling her that she would be more beautiful and sophisticated with clean skin." 

Bueno, I have a problem with him already. If Eva loves her tattoos then who cares what he has to say about it! The chismoso insider also revealed, "Eva's not into tats anymore. She's annoyed that she got them in the first place." Well, then, that's a different story. 

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10 hot celebrities who should claim George Clooney's most eligible bachelor title

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Another eligible Hollywood bachelor bit the dust this weekend! George Clooney married human rights lawyers Amal Alamuddin on Saturday in an intimate ceremony held at the Aman Canal Grande hotel in Venice, Italy, in front of 100 of the couple's closest family and friends. Then to make things really official, the couple wed in a civil ceremony held in Venice this afternoon. Wow, I guess that means George Clooney is officially a married man, which then begs the question: now that he's gone, who'll take over his title as Hollywood's most eligible bachelor?

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7 Celebrity couples caught in the act

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Where do you stand on the whole celebrity PDA, public displays of affection? Do you think it's cute or does it gross you out? I'm fine with it as long as there is no visible tongue or other get-a-room kind of naughtiness going on. I mean, love is love and sometimes you just want to show the person you love that you love them and you don't care who's looking right? Celebrities are just like the rest of us only when they out and about, someone is always going to be looking and quite possibly taking pictures.

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Amber Rose drops some big news about her relationship with Wiz Khalifa

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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are kaput. Dunzo. Over!

The model and former video girl filed for divorce from her husband of one year Monday, shocking just about anyone and everyone who has followed her romance with the rapper.

Amber cited irreconcilable differences for the reason behind the divorce, but that doesn't seem to make sense--at least not from the outside looking in. To her fans, everything seemed hunky dory up until now.

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Alicia Keys posts nude pic to change the world


Alicia Keys is the latest celeb to have a nude photo of herself floating around the interwebs, but it's not for the reason you think!

The "Girl on Fire" singer is not one of the latest victims of the ongoing celebrity nude photo scandal. At least, not as far as I know. No, she released the nude pic herself on Saturday, in an effort to "get people's attention," and "make the world a better place" as part of her new We Are Here social movement. 

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Does Rob Kardashian have a secret love child?

Does Rob Kardashian really have a love child? Ay, Adrienne Bailon is probably somewhere rolling her eyes. Let's back up. The 27-year-old reality television star recently tweeted that he was picking up his son from the airport, but later deleted the post. Either Rob Kardashian is toying with us or he really has a baby mama and secret love child out there. Let's break the clues down…

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5 Reasons Rosie Perez is the best thing to happen to The View

Today Rosie Perez joins "The View" as the first Latina co-host in the show's 17 year history! Here's five reasons why you should be watching (and cheering proudly) as Rosie makes television history, pa'que tu lo sepas!

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