Cops called on toddler, escort family off plane because of meltdown

Shame on you Frontier Airlines! Let me explain. Leo Khalfin, his wife and their two-year-old were escorted by the police when they got off the plane. The family was returning from their vacation in the Dominican Republic and never expected to be greeted by the police when they landed at home in Missouri. Apparently the baby's behavior on the plane was out of control and the pilot decided to call the police because the parents were rude to the flight attendant.

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Don Omar gets back with ex who accused him of domestic violence?​

After all of Don Omar's domestic violence drama, the reggaetonero may have gotten back with the woman who accused him of being physically abusive. The hit-making rapper was arrested for domestic violence in Puerto Rico last month after local police suspected that he was beating on his 26-year-old girlfriend Raquel López. He was released on $600,000 bail and was ordered to stay under house arrest. Well, did all of the legal issues end up causing a change of heart beat Don and his novia

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Teacher tapes 8-year-old students' mouths shut to keep them quiet

Jhanna Davis is not an after school counselor, she is an abusive woman. She taped shut the mouths of three eight-year-old students while she took care of them at school last March. The twenty five-year-old counselor was hired by the Y.M.C.A to work with the students at the Public School 123 in Harlem, but she clearly wasn't fit for the job. She taped the students mouths because they were too loud doing homework. She left the clear packing tape on their mouth for more than an hour until the children finished their work. She was arrested after the abuse and is now facing a new lawsuit.

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Substitute teacher has sex with student who FILMS it!

Being a teacher's pet has a whole new meaning nowadays. A substitute teacher from Washington, DC is under hot water for allegedly having sex with one of her student's on her first day at the job. Talk about not leaving any time for procrastination. Symone Green is now being charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a minor for carrying on a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old football player student.

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Teacher sends kids to firing squad for chewing gum​


A Washington state high school chemistry teacher, Kem Petteson, who used a "wheel of misfortune" to punish a sophomore girl for chewing gum by making the girl stand in front of a "koosh firing squad" will continue to be employed by Stevenson High School. You read that right. Ms. Petteson employs a "wheel of misfortune" in her classroom as a way of determining a punishment for students who misbehave.

What would you do if your child's teacher humiliated your child in front of the entire classroom, as a means of teaching the child in question a lesson? Me, I'd be out for blood. That teacher would be feeling the full wrath of my reach, especially when the punishment didn't fit the crime and by the way, an adult humiliating a teen or child in front of their peers is NEVER okay. Not even in the case of these crazy parents who put their kids on the street or Facebook with humiliating sandwich boards with messages of their misdoings. 

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Kids fight fiercely as adults watch & laugh in viral video

What would you do if you saw a couple of young kids fighting in the street? Most normal, upstanding people would try and break the kids up, or at least call the police. Then, there are those who'll probably keep it moving, opting instead to stay out of the kids' way. I'm not sure I agree with that decision, but I will say this: it's way better than what a group of adults did when a couple of super young kids started to go at it on the street in Wilmington, Delaware. Police are currently investigating a couple of viral videos featuring several young children brawling on the sidewalk as adults standby and watch. Worse: some of these so-called grown people had the nerve to actually cheer the kids on and laugh. What in the actual hell is wrong with them?

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Family of man who killed toddler for pooping her pants claims he's "not a monster"

If murdering a toddler for accidentally pooping her pants isn't evil and cruel than I don't know what is. The family of a man who reportedly beat and tortured 3-year-old Jeida Torres is talking to the media and claiming he is "not a monster." Twenty-year-old Kelsey Smith ran away to a homeless shelter after leaving the toddler's lifeless body in his wife Kimberly Torres's Brooklyn, New York apartment while she was at work over the weekend. His 5-year-old stepson Andrew Torres spoke to police about what he witnessed and the abuse was pretty horrifying. 

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Pregnant woman miscarries after getting robbed by teens

This crime is coldblooded and cruel beyond words. A pregnant woman suffered a miscarriage after being brutally attacked by three British teens who wanted to steal her purse. The tragic robbery caused the victim, who was six weeks pregnant, to lose her baby. The 43-year-old woman was just innocently waiting for the bus when her day took a dark turn. 

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Mom sews her daughter's mouth shut as punishment


Pennsylvania authorities have arrested a 46-year-old woman, Rana L. Cooper, on a laundry list of charges ranging from accusations of attempting to sew her 16-year-old adoptive daughter's mouth shut to forcing her to eat cat litter, and many other horrific acts. Cooper frequently threatened to cut off the girl's tongue and I'm sure she was capable of doing so, if the mood struck her.

Teenagers are trying. That's a fact. Between hormones, pushing boundaries and knowing everything, basically being 5' tall toddlers, I'm sure every parent has wanted to smack their teen right in the face at least once. The smart mouth repeatedly telling us how stupid we are and the eyes rolling every time we speak in their direction can cause us to consider the option but, obviously, we'd never do that but some parents will do even worse. 

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10-year-old boy beat 90-year-old woman to death with her own cane


A Pennsylvania boy has been charged as an adult in the death of an elderly woman whom his abuelito had been caring for. Prosecutors in Wayne County said 10-year-old Tristen Kurilla confessed to beating 90-year-old Helen Novak Saturday, after she'd yelled at him and ordered him out of her room. According to the pint-sized killer, he became enraged at the elderly woman, grabbed her cane, and used it to hook her around the neck, pulling her onto the bed, where he punched her repeatedly in the face and stomach! Oh, my gosh! What in the hell is wrong with this kid? Well, his understandably distraught mother says she has some idea of why her son may have done such a thing.

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