Lawyer hypnotized his clients to have sex with them


To be honest, I'm sick and tired of con artists and I'm glad this one didn't get away. 57 year old Michael Fine, is an attorney from Ohio who hypnotized his female clients and forced them to perform sex acts. He took advantage of the vulnerable emotional state of his clients and abused them. A woman identified as "Jane Doe" alerted the police after she had a meeting with Fine and her clothes were out of place and her vagina was wet. Fine, who calls himself "the world's greatest lover" is facing charges and will have his license revoked.

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Parents fight over dying daughter's organs after stepdad beats baby into a coma

The debate about organ donation is a tough one and this story reflects just that. Two-year-old Thaiya Spruill-Smith has been on life support since being shaken into a coma by her abusive stepfather in Brooklyn, New York last week. Now her parents are fighting over what will happen to the toddler's remains after she is disconnected from life support. Her mother Teoka Spruill hopes to donate the little girl's organs while her father Terrell Smith refuses. The case has gone to Family Court and the judge's decision may surprise you.

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Teacher kills & skins a live rabbit in front of his students


A biology teacher from Boise, Idaho wanted to explain to his tenth graders where food came from so he brought a live rabbit to class. In all fairness, the teacher warned the Columbia High School students about the lesson beforehand and allowed the ones who didn't feel comfortable to leave the classroom. Then he proceeded to break the bunny's neck with his bare hands, skin him and chop it in front of his high school pupils. Excuse me, but are we in the middle ages?

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Caught on camera: Daycare worker kicking toddler!


Alexis Wilson-Britten, a 22-year-old day care teacher was fired and arrested after she kicked a twenty-month-old baby. The surveillance camera from the Kids R Kids Day Care in Clayton County, Georgia, captured the moment the woman kicked the toddler after he brought her a toy. Wilson-Britten was already under fire since she failed to report an accident involving the twin boy at the playground which resulted in a broken arm. The owner of the day care franchise disassociated himself with that particular location and the center might be closed.

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Mom rapes 15-year-old her son set her up with

Most teens would be grossed out if their mother was crushing on one of their peers, but apparently not in this bizarre case. Molly Shattuck is being charged with two counts of third-degree rape after having sexual relations with a teen boy that attended her son's high school in Delaware. In a strange twist, the 47-year-old mom's son actually encouraged the inappropriate sexual relationship. According to police documents, Shattuck's son noticed that his mom was stalking the kid on Instagram and texted him "my mom is obsessed with you." The divorced mom reportedly started hooking up with the teen this past summer and got caught in the most inappropriate way.

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Toddler hung by feet & beaten to death for not eating breakfast


I have never in my life hated a pair of strangers as much as I hate Jillian Tait and Gary Fellenbaum. They are monsters! The Pennsylvania couple reportedly went shopping, had sex and ordered pizza as Tait's 3-year-old son was dying on a deflated air mattress in the couple's home. Little Scott McMillian reportedly endured weeks of escalated abuse and was reportedly hung by his feet and beaten to death with a series of homemade weapons before his young life came to an end Tuesday. 


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Honey Boo Boo molestation scandal gets more disturbing by the day


Here comes more trouble for Honey Boo Boo's June Shannon. Known to fans and fam alike as Mama June, the mother of four girls has caught a lot of flak in recent weeks, after being spotted gallivanting about with the man who molested her eldest daughter. But now it seems things are going from bad to worse for the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star. TMZ reports ol' Mama June may have bought the convicted pedophile a new car…with money she siphoned from his young victim's trust fund. What?!? Say it ain't so!

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Mom in jail after pic of toddler hanging from a hook goes viral on Facebook


A Virginia woman is facing felony child abuse charges after a disturbing photo of her 14-month-old son hanging by his shirt from a hook, was uploaded to Facebook by the boy's father and eventually got the attention of the sheriff's department. The boy's father, Anthony Welch,18, apparently shared the photo in retaliation for an argument he had with the mother, Alexis Breeden, 18.

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Cops called on toddler, escort family off plane because of meltdown

Shame on you Frontier Airlines! Let me explain. Leo Khalfin, his wife and their two-year-old were escorted by the police when they got off the plane. The family was returning from their vacation in the Dominican Republic and never expected to be greeted by the police when they landed at home in Missouri. Apparently the baby's behavior on the plane was out of control and the pilot decided to call the police because the parents were rude to the flight attendant.

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Don Omar gets back with ex who accused him of domestic violence?​

After all of Don Omar's domestic violence drama, the reggaetonero may have gotten back with the woman who accused him of being physically abusive. The hit-making rapper was arrested for domestic violence in Puerto Rico last month after local police suspected that he was beating on his 26-year-old girlfriend Raquel López. He was released on $600,000 bail and was ordered to stay under house arrest. Well, did all of the legal issues end up causing a change of heart beat Don and his novia

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