16 Essential Latino children's books

I've always been a huge book nerd. I've been reading ever since I can remember. At first it was classic novels, then it moved on to today's top books and young adult fiction (which I love) even though I'm not that young anymore. Although I've always loved books, the one thing I very rarely saw was a protagonist that looked like me. Sadly, books, especially children's books, are heavily lacking Hispanic main characters.

Although Latino students make up nearly a quarter of the nation's public school's enrollment, today The New York Times wrote about the sad reality that our kids are just not seeing themselves in the books that are available. In fact, Hispanic books also very, very rarely win the Newbery Medal, the Oscars of the children's literature world. Despite this depressing news, there IS something you can do: Get them some great Latino books ASAP! Start with our list of the 16 essential Latino children's books with options ranging very young kids to young adults.

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