Hilarious Twitter account captures preschoolers' funniest moments! (PHOTOS)

Kids say the darndest things! That's part of why we love them…and why we're so glad that one woman has decided to record some of their funniest comments. Oregon preschool teacher, Leslie McCollom, was constantly amazed at the bizarre things her students were saying so she decided to share them with the world. Enter the Twitter account, @PreschoolGems, which regularly shares remarks and drawings made by the kids in her classroom, all of who are under the age of six and who apparently aren't afraid to say what's on their mind!

Trust me, if you're on Twitter, the account is definitely worth following! And I'm not the only one who thinks so--McCollom has over 170,000 followers and even recently published a book with some of the funniest quotes.

Check out some of our favorite @PreschoolGems tweets below and let us know which ones you like best:

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