Ahhhh...the joys of parenthood. I can go on and on about how my life has changed and how crazy and harried everything feels right now that I have a baby--and to be sure I've written plenty about my new morning routine and the much earlier buttcrack-of-dawn wake up time that I have these days.

But when I saw this video of a young couple rapping about still being cool (even though they're parents) I felt as if they had a direct link into my brain. 

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Granted, the couple in this hilarious hip-hop spoof have THREE kids, but I still feel their pain, even with just my one little man.

"I used to bling it up, I used to dress real cute, now I accessorize with food that's already been chewed," the mom raps! How did she know? Although my accessories are more in the milky spit-up realm. So many of my cute clothes have just been hanging in my closet since I started working--all in favor of more comfy, stretchy pieces, if you know what I'm getting at (wink, wink). It certainly does take skills to be a good parent--and these guys have that AND some musical chops at that.

I don't tire of saying it though, despite the spit-up stains on my blouses and all the stress, I wouldn't change this new life for anything.

Watch the awesome video here:


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Yuliana is the Assistant Managing Editor of Mamás Latinas and a mom of two, a toddler boy and baby girl. She was born in Medellín, Colombia and raised in New Jersey.

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