Brutally Honest Toddler Twitter shares what every baby is really thinking (PHOTOS)

If you haven't already heard of the Honest Toddler account on Twitter, I'm here to tell you to check it out because it's absolutely HILARIOUS! Speaking from the perspective and in the language of a toddler (but presumably written by an adult), the profile reveals the unfiltered thoughts and concerns that run though a young child's mind. The writer tweets everything from anecdotes about parents to wise "toddler tips"...and all of them are pretty much guaranteed to have you laughing.

One comical example? "Daddy thinks if he puts my handprints on a piece of paper he doesn't have to buy mommy a real Mother's Day gift. Tomorrow should be funny." See, I told you it was comical!

And I'm not the only one who thiinks so--the account has gained over 34,000 followers on Twitter! Check out some more of the funniest tweets from the mind of Honest Toddler:

Image via Honest Toddler/twitter

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