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Not living with your husband is the key to a successful marriage

Most happily married people will admit that, from time to time, they'll yearn for a bit of alone time--perhaps an evening of peaceful sleep, without their partner's snoring and sheet hoarding--but, overall, they couldn't imagine spending long stretches of time without their spouse at their side. And yet Claire and David Burke of the U.K., who have been together for 11 years and married for 2 of those years, claim that living apart has been the very reason for their continued bliss. Though they have a 6-year-old son together, the Burkes have never lived together over the course of their relationship--and they have no intention of changing that arrangement, believing the time apart makes their interactions feel "more special."  

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Unimoons: Who needs a husband for a honeymoon?


It's no secret that on average Americans don't really get a lot of vacation days. That coupled with the fact that some bosses make us feel as if we need to eat, sleep and live in our cubicles and devote all our time to the company so we're consumed with guilt if we just need a day to ourselves. It's a sick trend and one that's slowly affecting our personal lives. In a new book titled New Slow City: Living Simply in the World's Fastest City, writer Bill Powers explains about the latest plans amongst super busy newly weds: unimoons.

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10 Biggest Latino celebrity breakups of 2014

Elizabeth PHOTOS

Forget gluten-free diets and kabbalah: Consciously uncoupling was the thing to do in Hollywood this year. I swear, I haven't been able to go online or open a magazine without reading something about yet another celebrity couple break up. Though some of these splits were a long time coming, others just took us all by surprise. Then there are those few that just keep coming back from the dead, like zombies. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Selena and Justin!

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Woman catches husband cheating with her twin sister, reacts in best way possible


And the award for best post-cheating vengeance goes to Ting Su, a woman in china who exacted the most perfect revenge in recent history. Earlier this week, Su caught her husband having an affair with some woman in a mall parking lot, which is bad enough as it is. But believe me when I tell you this story gets way, way worse. It turns out the Su's husband had been cheating with--wait for it--her twin sister. Oh, my gosh. Can you imagine? I would have died. But not Su. She held her own, and eventually got the last laugh.

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Woman's loud sex moans get her arrested


Loud, headboard-breaking sex can be incredibly liberating. But apparently, it can also land you in jail. Just ask Caroline Cartwright. The Brit is so loud in the sack, her neighbors have called the police on her more than thirty times. And when that didn't work, they had her arrested. But what do ya know, being cuffed did nothing to dampen Caroline's penchant for loud sex. In fact, it's only fueled her sexual creativity. Muahaha!

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Couple married 50 years have never seen each other


Every so often, there comes along a love story so sweet, it renews your faith in romance. This is one of those stories. Rich and DeeDee Adams have been married for fifty years, however these two love birds have never actually laid eyes on each other. No, they're not in a long distance relationship; they live in the same home, and even run a business together. So, what's the deal? Well, you see, both Rich and DeeDee are blind. Though, they admit, that's never prevented them from seeing eye-to-eye.

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Married woman caught cheating by husband's bf who posts the evidence on Youtube


This is officially the worst way to get caught cheating and be put on blast. A viral video surfaced, which shows a married woman flirting and being affectionate with a man who isn't her husband. She was doing her esposo dirty, but it was all caught on camera and exposed on YouTube! The man filming the 41 second clip is her husband's best friend, who was also the best man at their wedding. This is like Selena's "Amor Prohibido" in a whole new light. The woman's reaction is priceless.

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Wife finds long-lost husband 9 years after he disappeared, but it's not a happy ending


When Karen Marx's husband vanished nine years ago, she was sure she'd seen the last of him. After all, he'd left without leaving so much as a note explaining where or why he'd gone. Karen spent years searching for her disappeared husband, hoping that if she tracked him down she could finally ask for a divorce from Adam and move on with her life. So imagine her surprise when, almost ten years later, Adam's own mother broke the news to Karen via Facebook that the sinvergüenza was living in a neighboring town… and was happily married to someone else. What the heck?

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Shakira and Gerard Pique are getting married!

Yes! Shakira and Gerard Pique could be getting hitched a lot sooner than you may think. The Colombian pop star is currently expecting her second child and word is out that she's finally feeling differently about marriage. Shakira has always mentioned that she doesn't need a piece of paper to officiate her relationship, but her parents may have changed her mind. 

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Couple loses close to 400 lb together before they get married


Do you get misty-eyed when watching each season of Extreme Weight Loss and The Biggest Loser? Are you touched by the drastic transformations achieved by the hard-working contestants? How they obtained a new lease on life after losing the weight that had so gravely threatened their health? Then prepare to reach for some tissue with which to dab those eyes! On Saturday, a couple in the Detroit area of Michigan exchanged vows after losing a collective 380 pounds following their respective bariatric surgeries. Crysta Danaher, 34, and Bill Anderson, 44, were married at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, the facility in which they each had surgery--Anderson in May 2008 and Danaher in March 2009--and where they later met and ultimately fell in love. After his surgery, Banaher shed 200 pounds while his bride lost 180 pounds following her own procedure.

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