50 Shades of Grey: Our 5 best Latin erotica books! (SLIDESHOW)

Wow! It's pretty amazing how our apetite for erotic literature has been awakened thanks to the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy! I have to admit that I did lose myself in the pages of the first one, living vicariously through the sexual games between multimillionaire Christian Grey and the inexperienced Anastasia Steele. 

With that said, let me just come right out and say that I was not satisfied at all by E.L. James bestselling series. In my humble opinion, the narration falls just a little short of what I would call good literature. Let's be honest, it's very juvenile and predictable! I've been so spoiled by the best of Latin literature when it comes to erotica that it's no wonder I feel this way about 50 Shades.

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For you bilingual Latinas who want to know what good adult literature is all about, here are my favorite erotica books (some in English, some in Spanish) by Latino authors... 

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