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Girl blogged about sexual abuse for years before her grandfather finally killed her

Though Terrell Cowherd hadn't seen his estranged 11-year-old daughter Anahlia Cowherd in years, something told him to Google her name Tuesday morning. A search for Anahlia's name turned up a series of disturbing blog posts written by the young girl, the last had gone up Monday evening and was titled, "Help…Me…" In it, the preteen reveals her grandfather threatened to take her life. "He actually threatened to KILL my family," she writes. "Right now I'm in my mom's room, the door locked, my dog close, my brother here, my Grandpa somewhere, my Grandma is not home. My mom is coming…I'm so scared." Confused and disturbed, Cowherd contacted the Seattle Police Department to tell them of his findings. However, it appeared they had their own piece of troubling news to share with him. Anahlia was dead. Her grandfather killed her.

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Cops called on toddler, escort family off plane because of meltdown

Shame on you Frontier Airlines! Let me explain. Leo Khalfin, his wife and their two-year-old were escorted by the police when they got off the plane. The family was returning from their vacation in the Dominican Republic and never expected to be greeted by the police when they landed at home in Missouri. Apparently the baby's behavior on the plane was out of control and the pilot decided to call the police because the parents were rude to the flight attendant.

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Niño al borde de la muerte por una golpiza que le dio su tío


Sinceramente estoy cansada de oír noticias como ésta y no entiendo por qué hay tanta maldad en contra de criaturas inocentes. El pequeño Joemil de tan sólo dos años de edad se está muriendo en un hospital del Bajo Manhattan ya que recibió dos fracturas en el cráneo que le causaron una hemorragia cerebral después de haber estado bajo el cuidado de su tío, de 32 años en el Bronx. Bárbara Greer, la mamá del niño está desconsolada y pide justicia.

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Man ordered to pay $30,000 in child support or face jail for a baby that is NOT his

Mess with a man's money and you're messing with his heart. A Detroit man has been ordered to pay $30,000 in child support for a baby that isn't his. Nope, this is not a case for The Maury Show. Carnell Alexander actually took a paternity test, which proved that he was not the father of the baby. Now he is caught in a crazy web with the legal system after a judge ordered for him to pay the hefty child support bill anyway. 

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Ladrona asalta ¡a punta de leche materna!

Una mujer robó un supermercado en Alemania y amenazó a las víctimas con chorros de leche materna… ¡Literalmente! Lo peor del cuento es que la loca se salió con la suya pues nadie se atrevía a acercársele con los senos afuera. ¡La historia completa te dejará pasmada!

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Teacher says she was "groped in the vagina" by 5-year-old, calls cops


A teacher at Daughtrey Elementary School in Bradenton, Florida, called the police on October 9th after being groped " in the vagina" by a student. The problem: her so-called assailant was all of five years old. 

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Mom abandons baby at post office & dad finds out from Facebook!


A 2-month-old baby was abandoned at a post office in Texas last Wednesday. The baby was left in a car seat in the main lobby of the post office with an extra diaper, a pacifier, water and some baby formula. The diaper had the name "Jesse" written on it so you would think the baby's name would be Jesse, but after Child Protective Services released a photo of the baby a man named Glen Williams saw the photo and called a local news station saying the child was his and asking for help.

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Bullies beat African brothers, claim they have Ebola

The only thing scarier than Ebola right now is the rampant ignorance surrounding the virus. Take for example a group of Bronx middle school students who reportedly bullied a pair of brothers who recently returned from Africa, claiming the boys had and were Ebola! Amadou and Pape Drame were attacked and tormented by classmates at IS 318 in the Bronx Friday. However, tension between the boys and their classmates had reportedly been boiling for weeks. Since moving to the Tremont section for the Bronx from Senegal about a month ago, the boys were reportedly tormented by students who would accuse them of being either infected with or being the very embodiment of Ebola. Ay, bendito.

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Man shoots pregnant wife in back of the head & tries to claim self-defense

I really don't understand these people that go around killing pregnant women. Seriously, what kind of person would even think of doing something like that? Well one 21-year-old man from Florida was recently arrested for just that. Chekingson Sinclar apparently shot his 24-year-old pregnant wife of seven months in the back of the head. Can you believe that? But you'll never guess what this psychopath did next!

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Video leaks of Diego Maradona beating his ex-girlfriend Rocio Oliva


A very upsetting video of soccer legend Diego Maradona was leaked to Argentine press and aired on Monday. The video shows an obviously VERY drunk Diego Maradona appearing to hit his former fiancee Rocio Olivia. Olivia was recording the whole thing on her cell phone until the 30 second clip abruptly stops. Oh, and there is no doubt that it is indeed Diego Maradona in the video because he has admitted to it being him, but says it's not what it looks like. Hmmm, you'll have to take a look for yourself below.

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