5 Ways lemon juice is great for your health

Lemons are one of the most common, affordable and readily available super foods around, but many of us probably aren't using them to their full potential. If you're an avid cook, you probably keep some on hand at all times, but if not, you may rarely see a fresh lemon outside of the wedge hanging from your water glass at a restaurant. Consuming lemon juice can have huge benefits for your health though, so you should think about incorporating it into your daily diet. Here are some ways this super-versatile, flavor-enhancing fruit can improve your health:

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3 Ways a fatty diet could hurt your baby


While satisfying cravings is important, keeping a balanced diet during pregnancy is also just as necessary. Foods high in fat may taste good, but it could potentially put your baby at risk of serious health issues long after giving birth. According to The Department of Health, unhealthy saturated fats should only makeup 11 percent of a pregnant woman's diet. Otherwise you could be putting your baby at risk.

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5 Facts you need to know about jaundice in newborns

Both of my children had jaundice shortly after being born. With my first, the issue resolved itself fairly quickly and we didn't have to do anything about it. With my second we kept having to go in to get blood tests that were painful for the baby and traumatic for me. At the time I was very upset that my tiny child was being put through this, but now that I've read about the severe brain damage caused by jaundice that a baby named Khan Gold suffered because midwives failed to realize how jaundiced he was, I am incredibly grateful that our caregivers were on top of my baby's jaundice and made sure that it was monitored so it wouldn't cause her any brain damage.

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5 Warning signs your tongue reveals about your health


Like it or not, we have to learn to mind our tongues--literally. There's a reason why most doctors ask you to open wide during annual check-ups. The tongue's pigmentation and color indicates a lot about our general health and diet. As part of the body's digestive system, the tongue reveals the toxin levels in our bodies and could point to illnesses before they strike hard. Here are five specific warning signs your tongue could be trying to tell you. 

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6 Habits that are bad for your breasts

As health-conscious women, we probably take great care of our bodies through the foods we consume, the lifestyles we maintain, and the habits we take on. But did you know there could be things that are healthy in someways but then really bad for certain parts of your body? For example, cardio workouts and intense routines are great for your heart, but all that bouncing and jumping could lead to saggy breasts down the line. And you'll be surprised to learn that some habits that are detrimental to your health in several ways have the exact same unexpected side effect. Below, six habits that you need to reconsider if you want those boobs to stay perky for as long as possible.

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Mom of 3 loses 182 pounds to save her kids' lives


With only 32 years old, Tallula Douglas was told by doctors she wouldn't live past 40. Her addiction to junk food was killing her. She weighed 336 pounds and was suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, severe joint pains and high blood sugar. The young mother of three small children, including a newborn girl, knew she needed to take charge of her life and stop eating to save her life. In less than two years, Tallula lost an impressive 182 pounds and she still wants to lose more. She's setting an example for her children and there's nothing in her way.

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Cumin: 5 amazing health benefits of our beloved spice


My eyes have been opened to the health benefits of cumin or as I grew up calling it, comino. I've always taken comino for granted, it's simply been one of the spices that has flavored many of the latin dishes of my youth and it is a staple spice in my cabinet, but I had no idea that it is not only good for you, but good for so many things. Now I can't get over how amazing cumin truly is.

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10 Avocado recipes GREAT for your health

avocado PHOTOS

Don't you dare ignore this round up of delicious avocado recipes I've put together for you! I mean it, avocados are good for you and in this instance I know what I'm talking about. I'm not just saying it because I adore avocados--so much that if there is a ripe avocado anywhere near me, it doesn't take much to convince me to eat it. Actually, it would probably be harder to try and get me not to eat it. And yes, I'm watching my weight and yes, I know that avocados have  around 200 calories each. BUT did you know that avocados are packed with all kinds of health benefits and isn't it better to eat 200 calories of delicious good for you avocado than the equivalent in some kind of unhealthy snack?

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4 STDs you can get WITHOUT having sex

You may not be able to get some STDs from sitting on a public toilet, but apparently there are some you CAN get without having sex. In fact, most of the STDs that are contagious via skin-to-skin contact, you've probably never even heard of but the threat is very real. You can literally get them from some of the most unexpected places. Keep reading to find out how to protect yourself and your entire family for that matter. 


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Weight loss after baby: How to make it happen


Let's face it, adding on the pounds while you're pregnant is normal, expected and necessary to make sure you and your baby remain healthy during the pregnancy. But once that baby is in your arms it can feel a little overwhelming to look down at your belly and see what has still remained. Add to that a lack of energy and constant sleep deprivation and getting around to trimming down might seem like a daunting task. But trust that it can be done! Below, five tips you can put to use to trim down and get your body in shape post pregnancy.

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