12 Surprising health benefits of potato juice

When you think about diet and health, potatoes are probably the last thing that comes to mind. That's because we normally eat them fried or with tons of cream and sauce. Believe it or not, potatoes are ideal for weight loss because they have few calories and lots of fiber. In addition, potatoes are rich in many vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that have numerous health benefits. In this gallery we are going to show you why potato juice and raw potatoes are the best thing for your body.

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7 Ways Halloween candy can kill you!

Trick or treat? More like trick or eek! Some of your favorite Halloween candies are filled with icky ingredients, and I'm not talking about sugar and empty calories. Those are fine. I'm talking about animal secretions and crushed bugs. Ewwww! I wish I could tell you these ingredients were found in random, hard-to-find candies, but the truth is, they're in everyday candies--candies that will soon fill your kiddies' Halloween Jack-o-lanterns and, later, their tummies. Ugh. That's enough to make a person sick.

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Honeysuckle tea to lose weight & stay healthy

Move over green tea, because honeysuckle is the new king of teas! With the winter fast approaching and flu season upon us this tea is all you need to keep your family healthy this season. Honeysuckle has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure all kinds of respiratory, digestive and viral problems for years. Now a recent study conducted by the Nanjing University in China determined that honeysuckle cooked in the form of tea protects the body from virus, bacteria and infections.

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Do you really know what's in your coffee?​


Do you mock hot dog lovers for chowing down on mystery meat? Well, even if you pride yourself on being a green smoothie-drinking, salad-loving, clean-eating poster child, you may be shocked to discover that you, too, are unwittingly consuming some dubious substances--and, worst of all, they're lingering in your cup of coffee! Say what? Well, it turns out some coffee companies are trying to compensate for their decreased coffee output by adding fillers like brown sugar, corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, rice, acai seeds, and even sticks to their coffee batches, grinding up all of the ingredients before packaging the finely milled substance. 

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7 Ways eggs are the perfect food

They're so simple in shape and color and yet they're used as the foundation for some of the most elaborate culinary delights. Even on their own, eggs are the cornerstone of many a breakfast table. And just like chicken, eggs are highly praised in the medical industry as well because of the incredible nutritional benefits they carry within their delicate shells.

Let's take a look at six such benefits that make eggs a superfood:-

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Baby wipes recall: What every mom needs to know

The baby wipes you are using could be carrying harmful bacteria for your child or baby. A company named Nutek Disposables Inc. has confirmed a national baby wipe recall after some of their products were tested positive with a potentially harmful bacteria known as burkholderia cepacia. Get all of the information you need to know to make sure your family is safe.

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Florida parents fight for marijuana for their kids


The use of medical marijuana to help adults cope with various illness has been a controversial topic for years because there are those who feel that drug use is bad no matter what the situation. Well now a group of Florida parents are raising the stakes by asking legislation to broaden their law and include a variety of strains of medical marijuana to give to their kids! Although more research needs to be conducted to see if marijuana actually helps children suffering through seizures and reduces their spells, some parents just want the chance to try it out.

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4 Smoothie ingredients you should always avoid!

Weight loss has its tough challenges, but none of them should include actually gaining more weight from a weight loss smoothie. Blending up your favorite fruits and proteins may actually be harming your mission to lose weight. Before you go through all of the trouble of blending your next smoothie, make sure that you aren't making these mistakes that could be packing on the pounds and calories.

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Ebola can live in semen much longer than you think

As more cases of Ebola continue to spread throughout the country, many are wondering if patients are still contagious after they leave a treatment center or hospital. Ebola is contracted by exchange in bodily fluids. In cases of recovered patients, medical studies found that people recovering from Ebola were not contagious by sharing kisses or handshakes. Likewise, their sweat, vomit, urine and feces also turned out to be free of Ebola. However, the same wasn't found in semen.

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Dozens of women FREAK OUT at funeral after finding out their shared lover had AIDS


Dozens of women were shocked and outraged when they found out that Daniel Decu, the local Lothario whose funeral they were attending, had been playing them dirty on multiple levels. A coroner's report made public in the wake of Decu's death revealed that the 24-year-old man had AIDS! This was news to the countless women he'd had sex with in his town. Incredibly, there were several people in Decu's life who knew about his diagnosis and could have warned his lovers, but either decided to remain mum or were prohibited from spreading the word. That's so messed up!

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