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7 Things I wish my kid would stop taking from me!

Petty larceny, it seems, begins at home. As soon as our kids are old enough to stretch their little arms up and grab objects, removing them from their original location, they will certainly do so. Sure, we all know toddlers are insatiably curious terrors who will grab anything in sight--and usually stuff it into their mouths--but these small acts of thievery are just the beginning! Once our children are slightly older, they will routinely "borrow" things without asking, which, of course, is pretty much the very definition of stealing.

Blogger Scary Mommy wrote a pretty hilarious list of the objects her kids most love to steal and it got me wondering about my own son and what his grubby (and yes, adorable) little hands reach for most often. Here are some of the things he most covets during his pillaging sessions:

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Dad throws toddler daughter over bridge to her death


When I first heard about this tragic story out of St. Petersburg, Florida, my heart just broke. I couldn't believe that a parent could be so careless over the life of a child they helped bring into this world. A 25-year-old father, John Jonchuck Jr., was stopped by a cop at a Tampa Bay bridge in Florida when he rushed over to the passenger side of his car, pulled out his 5-year-old daughter and then threw her over the bridge without a second thought. And then he just fled the scene!

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10 Baby gadgets that will save your life


From helping your baby sleep better to tracking their every moment, baby gadgets are an essential part of raising a new generation of tech-savvy little ones. Doing things the old school way is nice, but who really wants to suck boogies without any assistance? Parenting is hard enough. Why not take a little help where you can? The future is here, mamis. 

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QUIZ: Are you ready to have more kids?


As soon as women become adults, the questions about when we're getting married and when we're having children started pouring in. And then, as soon as we have our first child, people waste no time asking when we'll be having another one. 

Even though the decision to become a mother once again is very personal and dependent upon a variety of factors, we've come up with a short guide that will hopefully help you determine whether you're ready to start this wild adventure all over again. Let's see!

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8 Things babies born in 2015 will never know


Life will sure be a breeze for babies born in 2015. Well, I can't guarantee that, but it will definitely be easier due to technology and cultural shifts. There will be a ton of adventures from our childhood that they will never come close to experiencing. We are reminiscing on some of the less obvious ones they may have a hard time imagining. 

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Flu epidemic: 6 Ways to protect your family from the deadly disease


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this year's flu season has reached epidemic proportions with high levels of infections popping up across the country. The scariest part is the news that 15 children have already died from influenza and with the CDC predicting that this could be a severe flu season, it's more important than ever to take measures to keep your family healthy and safe.

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2-year-old shoots his mom to death by accident

Veronica Rutledge, a 29-year-old mother from Idaho, was shot to death in a Walmart by her 2-year-old son. The mother was carrying a concealed weapon in her purse and at some point her son, who was in a shopping cart, managed to get the gun out of her purse and accidentally shoot his mother to death. I shouldn't even really have to say "accidentally" because at 2 years old there is no way that child could have shot his mother on purpose or with malicious intent.

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6 Fun winter activities perfect for your kids!


If you haven't already heard, we're supposed to have another long, snowy winter. I'm all for braving the weather to get in some outdoor fun, but sometimes it's just not possible. There are only so many days that digging your hands into the freezing cold snow can be fun, but I'm sure you also don't really want to be stuck inside and bored out of your mind with a small child for days on end.

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Dad kills mom & himself while kids hide in closet


Three children in Raleigh, North Carolina have been through one of the most horrible experiences you can ever imagine. They hid themselves in a room of their home as their 32-year-old mother Martha Yses Campusano Cisneros and their 47-year-old father Emilio Rodriguez-Rizo fought. At some point during the argument the children heard gunshots that ended their parents' lives. The terrified children had to figure out what to do.

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8 Kids found massacred in their home & no one knows why


Still reeling from the shock of a deadly siege in a Sydney café, Australia  was dealt yet another terrible blow this week. Eight children were found dead inside a home in the northern city of Cairns on Friday. So far, police have no idea what happened, but there may be at least one person out there who does--the sole survivor.

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