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10-year-old says baby sitter had sex with him while mom was giving birth​


In August, Marybeth Rataic of Connecticut was staying overnight at her friend's house watching her friend's kids because the friend was giving birth at the time. Now, Rataic is accused of having sex with one of the children she was supposed to be babysitting, a 10-year-old boy. The accusations came after the mother of the child saw a hickey on her son's neck and probed.

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Horrifying image of little boy shot in the head in the middle of soccer game will shock you


Connor Minto of England was standing on the sidelines after having been substituted in a children's soccer game. He was just checkin' out the games surrounding him, when all of a sudden the 11-year-old boy felt as if he had been hit hard by a pebble on the side of his head. A friend of his told him that he had not been hit by a pebble. Turns out that the 11-year-old boy had been shot in the head with a pellet gun and the pellet was lodged in his forehead right above his left eye. The terrified little boy ran to his parents, who I'm sure must have been horrified by what they saw as you will be too.

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12 Gross things every Latina mom does


Oh, parents! I love and admire you guys. After all, you have the hardest job in the world: raising little floppy beings into functioning members of society. That's quite a feat. And so it's because of this that I've decided to give you all a pass when you do some of the incredibly weird, sometimes gross things that you do for and to your children. You know what I'm talking about. Like when you use spit to clean their faces. That's disgusting!

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Meet the couple with 34 children who still want more!


Jeane and Paul Briggs from Falling Waters, West Virginia, transformed the meaning of the word adoption. In all they have thirty four children, yes, I wrote the number correctly. They had five of their own and then adopted twenty nine children from all over the world. Jeane always knew she wanted a big family, but didn't know how big. In 1985 she found out through her church that a blind 2-year-old Mexican boy with severe brain damage was up for adoption. She traveled to Mexico and adopted the boy! He was the first, but obviously not the last. The couple is ready to adopt baby number thirty five, an infant without arms and legs from Ghana.

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Super dad gives terminally ill son best birthday surprise ever


Talk about the best birthday ever! 5-year-old Jayden Wilson got the surprise of his little life when Spider-Man showed up at on his doorstep to wish him a happy birthday. In a video posted on Youtube Sunday, Jayden's father, Michael Wilson, suited up as the comic book hero and literally dropped in on what may be the terminally ill tyke's last birthday party. Warning: watch only if you're wearing water-proof mascara, because you're definitely going to cry!

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Parents fight over dying daughter's organs after stepdad beats baby into a coma

The debate about organ donation is a tough one and this story reflects just that. Two-year-old Thaiya Spruill-Smith has been on life support since being shaken into a coma by her abusive stepfather in Brooklyn, New York last week. Now her parents are fighting over what will happen to the toddler's remains after she is disconnected from life support. Her mother Teoka Spruill hopes to donate the little girl's organs while her father Terrell Smith refuses. The case has gone to Family Court and the judge's decision may surprise you.

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Uterus, rectum and liver stuffed toys are super popular


Sweetie, what do you want for your birthday? Mom, I want a dissected Hello Kitty. Ugh? Mom, I want an I Heart Guts plush toy. I want a smiley kidney, a sad liver and an animated uterus? Yup! Do you picture yourself having this conversation with your child? Brace yourself mom, because you might have to. I Heart Guts is changing the way we think about cute toys and it's revolutionizing the toy industry. You thought the Ugly Dolls were unique? Think again, because the organ-shaped plush toys created by Wendy Bryan,  make the gross look beautiful.

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Teacher kills & skins a live rabbit in front of his students


A biology teacher from Boise, Idaho wanted to explain to his tenth graders where food came from so he brought a live rabbit to class. In all fairness, the teacher warned the Columbia High School students about the lesson beforehand and allowed the ones who didn't feel comfortable to leave the classroom. Then he proceeded to break the bunny's neck with his bare hands, skin him and chop it in front of his high school pupils. Excuse me, but are we in the middle ages?

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18 Things Latina moms wish they had instilled In their young kids


I've been blessed with two beautiful kids who have grown into successful young adults. My son is now 17 and my daughter is 19. Although I don't have a lot of regrets as a parent there are some things that I wish I had taught them when they were much younger. Here's a list of things that many of my Latina (and gringa) friends wish that they had taught their kids before the age of 18:

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Scared parents think their baby is possessed by a ghost


Someone's watched too many Paranormal Activity movies! Virginia Beach mother Michele Lucas is convinced that a ghost is living in the body of her 4-year-old son Andrew. According to Lucas, Andrew has been exhibiting some bizarre behavior, bursting into tears, then crying hysterically and saying things like, "Why did you let me die in that fire?"  Similar comments led Lucas to wonder whether her son's utterances were, in fact, recollections--particularly when Andrew provided very specific information, such as an address in Georgia where he claimed to have lived. Alarmed, Lucas speculated about whether someone who had passed on had been reincarnated as Andrew or if their spirit had somehow taken up residence inside his body. And so Lucas approached the experts from the LMN series Ghost Inside My Child and, with their help, connected the dots in this supernatural puzzle. 

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