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An open letter to every mamá Latina who is letting go of her teenage daughter


Letting go of my baby as she's become more independent and confident has been one of the most difficult changes as a mamá Latina. As I write this letter, my daughter, who is 19 years old, is a sophomore in college and living away from home. What has helped me deal with this transition is that she's doing well in school and she's happy. I'm fortunate to have an extremely open line of communication with her. My friends can't believe just how candid our dialogue is on the topic of relationships and sex. Since she was young, I've tried to instill a solid moral foundation, but the time has come for her to make her own decisions and to deal with the consequences. 


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Newborn twins taken away from mom after home birth


To say it's been a crazy year for partners in life and procreation Erica May Carey and Cleave Rengo would be an understatement. The Washington couple have welcomed three children into the world in a little over a year. What's more, they almost lost all three of their babies to the state when word got out that Carey had given birth to the last two in the privacy of her own home, without any medical assistance. Suffice it to say, what should have been perhaps the best time in this couple's lives has since spiraled into a literal nightmare.

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3-year-old donates ALL of her hair to other kids with cancer


A 3-year-old girl just proved to the world that you can never be too young to do a selfless, kind gesture for another. Little Ariana of Winterport, Maine was with her father as he played video games for charity when they stumbled upon a video of a hospitalized girl who was bald. When her parents explained that some medical conditions and drug treatments make your hair fall out, Ariana didn't miss a beat and offered her hair up to make another girl feel pretty.

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Boy held captive inside closet wall by his own dad


It's stories like these that make you question humanity. A 13-year-old boy was found living behind a false wall in a linen closet in his father's home after being held captive since 2010. Gregory Jean Jr. had gone to visit his father Gregory Jean in Atlanta, Georgia, but was then never returned to his mother. He was finally found this weekend and reunited with his biological mother, but not after suffering years of abuse at the hands of his father and stepmother, Samantha Joy Davis.

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Rosario Dawson is a new mom!


Is it just me, or are more and more celebs having kids on the down low? Earlier this year, we found out Eva Mendes had successfully pulled a fast one on us, hiding her glorious baby bump from us well into her pregnancy. And now this: Word on the street has it Rosario Dawson may have become a first time mom sometime this fall. Ahhh! How did we miss this? Where was her tell-tale baby bump? And who's the daddy? I have so many questions!

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Teen struggles with strange addiction to eating sponges


Moms, if you haven't heard about Pica syndrome consider yourself lucky because you don't want to deal with this disease. 19-year-old Rosie Skinner, from England was diagnosed with the syndrome when she was five years old. She is addicted to eating sponges. Yes, you read it correctly, she eats sponges! Two large ones per week to be precise. Rosie cuts the sponge in little cubes, soaks them in water and eats them throughout the day.

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Boy shot and killed by cops for carrying a toy gun


Some cops seem to be way too trigger-happy and something needs to be done with them--especially when their victims are children. I can't stand it anymore! It seems as if they actually enjoy killing children. How many more need to die? A 12-year-old boy, Tamir Rice from Cleveland, is their latest victim. Apparently the boy was waving a very realistic toy gun at the Cudell Recreation Center and pointing it at people. Witnesses called the cops and said that the boy was scaring them, but that the gun looked like a fake. When two officers arrived at the scene they shot and killed Tamir.

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'Tis the season for familia

7 Ways to make holidays extra special for your kids


Kids are almost always excited about the approaching holidays, but a lot of the time all of the focus is on one day. Our seven awesome ideas will keep the festivities going from Thanksgiving all the way through to Christmas morning. From small unexpected gifts to fabulous family outings, you'll find ways to celebrate each and every week of the holiday season.

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10-year-old says baby sitter had sex with him while mom was giving birth​


In August, Marybeth Rataic of Connecticut was staying overnight at her friend's house watching her friend's kids because the friend was giving birth at the time. Now, Rataic is accused of having sex with one of the children she was supposed to be babysitting, a 10-year-old boy. The accusations came after the mother of the child saw a hickey on her son's neck and probed.

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Horrifying image of little boy shot in the head in the middle of soccer game will shock you


Connor Minto of England was standing on the sidelines after having been substituted in a children's soccer game. He was just checkin' out the games surrounding him, when all of a sudden the 11-year-old boy felt as if he had been hit hard by a pebble on the side of his head. A friend of his told him that he had not been hit by a pebble. Turns out that the 11-year-old boy had been shot in the head with a pellet gun and the pellet was lodged in his forehead right above his left eye. The terrified little boy ran to his parents, who I'm sure must have been horrified by what they saw as you will be too.

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