An absolutely horrible 18-year-old man was just arrested in Oklahoma for having a sexual relationship with two 14-year-old girls who are cousins. Now, if the second-degree rape wasn't enough, get this: Braeden Hendershoot was actually helped by his own aunt, who introduced him to the girls, encouraged at least one of them to have sex with him, drove them to his house, bought alcohol to get both girls drunk, bought them a sex toy and even the morning-after pill for at least one of the girls in order to prevent pregnancy.


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I don't think I could possibly be more horrified by all of this. According to The Daily Mail, Braeden was arrested and charged with "second-degree rape, forcible sodomy, lewd or indecent acts to a child and furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor" while his 31-year-old aunt Jessica Cleveland was charged with "two counts of enabling child abuse and a single count of giving alcohol to a person under the age of 21."

Is that really ALL that she's going to be charged with? I am disgusted. Just absolutely, positively disgusted by this woman. I think what she did is by far worse than what he did. Well, maybe not THAT much worse, but it's absolutely despicable that she basically enabled her nephew to have sex with two young teenagers. I mean, who does that?!

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Apparently both girls weren't all that into having sex with Braeden in the first place. In fact, one of them told police that she was a virgin before the encounter. UGH. Honestly, I really hope that he gets put in jail for a long time--and his aunt, too! It's just horrible what some people think is a good idea.  

Images via Police Handout

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Add Comment What do you think of the aunt who helped her nephew rape teen girls?

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Yes, this is horrible, but the two 14 year old cousins are also old enough to say "NO" and not even get into the car in the first place. Problem now-a-days is that kids have no morals, no guidance, no support. Kids, act your age, hang out with kids your age, and don't put yourself under those predicaments!!
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