7 Super easy ways to spruce up your home with chalkboard paint! (DIY)

It's a new year and, I have to admit, I have been thinking about doing a little redecorating around my house lately. I've been in my current home for almost three years and it's about time to change something up. However, I don't have a lot of money to do a big overhaul, nor do I really have the time or energy to spend on some big project.

That's why, when I first saw Buzzfeed's "33 Things You Can Turn Into Chalkboards" story, I absolutely fell in LOVE. I mean, what's better or easier than sprucing up your home with just a little bit of chalkboard paint? Check out these 7 super easy ways to use chalkboard paint to decorate your home, kitchen, and even your accessories! Yes, really. You'll absolutely DIE over these genius ideas.

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Add Comment Which of these adorable chalkboard paint crafts are you going to tackle first?

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Some are really neat ideas especially the wine glass.
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