5 Easy Turkey-themed crafts to make with the kids (DIY)

A lot has gone on in the past few weeks (Halloween, Hurricane Sandy, Election Day) and, to be honest, I've almost forgotten that there's something really big coming up: Thanksgiving!

It's one of the best family holidays because it's about thinking each other and celebrating with your family. Of course, to get Thanksgiving started, the first thing I want to do is start decorating the house--but not without including the rest of the family! That's how I found these 5 super-easy turkey-themed crafts that I just know you'll love making with the kids. So get started already!

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Add Comment What turkey-themed craft will you be making with your kids?
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Add Comment What turkey-themed craft will you be making with your kids?


Cute ideas!! I'm thinking of cutting out their hand prints and having them make those as turkeys (the tail part).


love all the ideas. I think my nephew would like the windmills


These are ideas are very cute! My son has done the turkey napkin holder at school but like rock_chica says hand prints or hand cutouts work very nice too.

Great ideas now I know what to do with the pine cones outside.

ah those are some great ideas



These are so cute.


The flower turkey centerpiece is very nice!

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