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13 Latina celebs reveal their incredible weight-loss secrets

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Celebrities: they're just like us. They crave cheeseburgers and fries, and occasionally feel guilty about scarfing down that half-pint of Ben & Jerry's during a recent Scandal marathon. Hey, it happens. However, unlike most of us, celebs have personal trainers and celebrity chefs on hand to help them lose the extra pounds. Not fair, right? Well…I may have found a way to get all the benefits of a pricey celeb workout without having to spend a single penny.

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5 Reasons you NEED to work out during pregnancy

I can't believe it's only been 6 days since Snooki gave birth to her second child, daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle. The Jersey Shore reality TV star must have worked out during pregnancy. She recently posted a photo to Instagram of her post-pregnancy body and wow, does she look amazing! I would have never guessed this girl just had a baby. She doesn't even have an ounce of belly fat. How did she manage to lose all that weight!

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Skip the gym & drink red wine instead, it's just as good for you!


Now THIS is science we could all get behind. A new study shows that drinking red wine is as good for you as going to the gym! Now all those nights you decided to sit back and watch yourself some Scandal while drinking a glass of red instead of hitting the treadmill were worth it. Works for me!

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How to fake awesome before-and-after selfies

If your philosophy is that "seeing is believing," you may want to question what it is you're really seeing--especially on Instagram. Most users' feeds are flooded with before-and-after selfies that allegedly show extreme physical transformations: women who lost every bit of pregnancy weight within two months of childbirth, dieters who went from having pot bellies to flaunting washboard abs within eight weeks, and so forth. But, as it turns out, many of these "body transformations" are faker than a three-dollar bill.

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Lose weight on your vacation with these 5 tips


You are traveling to new places, unveiling new cultures and traditions or relaxing on the beach. You are taking a break from your regular routine and you are EATING. We tend to eat a lot while we are vacationing and we don't exercise enough. Time to turn things around! You can lose a lot of weight while you are traveling, and we'll tell you how. Making these smart choices while you are away, we'll help you stay fit and shed the unwanted vacation pounds.

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The secret to flat, toned abs will surprise you


Ok, ladies, have you ever wondered why you don't see any results after you kill yourself doing crunches? Well, you probably know already, but the answer lies in your anatomy. Yes! Your genes have a lot to do with the way your abdominal muscles are marked. So before you spend a lot of money on creams or consider having a lipo, read this article to learn how to design exercises that works for your body type.

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The 5 Funniest workout videos on Youtube

I'm one of those weirdos that LOVES to work out.  But I get it, most workouts are boring and even though we all could use a little more fitness in our lives, those 30 minutes at the gym are 30 minutes we could spend on being productive elsewhere.  Well for those of you who want to test the theory that laughing burns calories, here are my favorite and funniest workout videos on Youtube.

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Mom runs race 34 weeks pregnant & it's inspiring


Alysia Montaño is 28 years old and the woman can run. In fact she's an Olympian known as the "flying flower" because she always wears a lovely flower in her head. She is a five time U.S. national champion and yesterday ran an 800 meter race at Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, California where she came in last, but still got a standing ovation. Why? Because she happens to be 34 weeks pregnant and it's not everyday you see a pregnant woman run an 800 meter race in just 2 minutes, 32.13 seconds. You guys, she's only six weeks away from her due date and she's running races, how crazy is that?

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11 Fun ways to get a hot body without hitting the gym


With summer, there is color, energy and life wherever you go. Yes, you want to look good, but why trap yourself within the four walls of gym when you can get that hot beach body while enjoying the beautiful nature?

Here are 11 very simple ways to burn those pounds this summer without going to the gym:

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Woman loses 100 lbs in 14 months & so can you

Next time you want to skip exercising, remember Roni Tarver. The high school agriculture teacher from Fort Worth, Texas, shed 100 pounds off her 5-foot-6 frame by committing to a new fitness regimen centered on Latin-infused dance aerobic classes. The 29-year-old recalls how unhappy she felt with her weight in the fall of 2012, when she weighed 235 pounds, struggled with constant back pain and was plagued with insecurities regarding her appearance. That November, Tarver finally decided to take action, beginning to monitor her caloric intake and to pedal away on a stationary bike at home. And you HAVE to see her now!

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