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10 Weight loss realities no one will tell you

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We live in a fitness obsessed culture where weight loss programs, personal trainers and new workout plans are on high demand. We all want to lose weight, stay fit and transform the way we look. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that being healthy is the "It thing" right now, but people should really know what they are getting into when they decide to lose major pounds. There are big changes--physical and emotional--that happen after you lose weight and only people ready to accept those changes should embark on the weight loss journey. Check out some of the downsides of losing weight.

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Woman loses 185 lbs easiest way possible & you can do it too!


For those struggling with their weight and self-esteem and feel that their wish to shed those extra pounds is a hopeless one, let me share this story of one woman who lost more than 185 pounds. One woman, 31-year-old Den-Ray Allen, weighed around 430 pounds at her peak and was just spiraling out of control with her eating habits. You'll never believe what it took to shed that first chunk of weight.

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74-year-old woman's selfies prove beauty is timeless


Marna Clarke started taking naked selfies of herself four years ago, and hasn't been able to stop since. What's new, right? Everyone takes nude selifies these days. Well, yes and no. You see, Marna isn't your typical self-absorbed selfie queen. At 74 years young, Marna isn't taking these pics with the intention of impressing anyone, not even her husband Igor. Nope. Marna snaps pics of her naked body and shares them online for no other reason than to remind herself that she was, is, and always will be beautiful in the skin she's in.


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10 Weight loss smoothies & juices Latina celebs swear by

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Celebs have been swearing by the beautifying and slimming properties of smoothies and juices for a while now, but I'll admit that I've long thought them to be more for waifish, Gwyneth Paltrow-types. Well, it turns out I was wrong. Several Latina celebs, like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara, have come out of the juicing closet over the several years, crediting these designer concoctions for their tone, taut and enviable curves. Now, that's what I'm talking about!

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Victoria's Secret models share their crazy diet tips


As much as we envy Victoria's Secret models and their insanely perfect figures, it's a full-time job to look that good! Great genes play a huge role in how amazingly gorgeous these women are, but don't be fooled--they also have a ton of diet and fitness secrets hidden under those angel wings. We are getting to the bottom of what it really takes to be a Victoria's Secret model and unleashing their diet and fitness secrets

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Snooki waist trains with a faja after welcoming baby girl

Holy, faja y chichos! Snooki recently fell for the celeb waist training trend. Nicole Polizzi showed off her new faja while admitting to fans on Instagram, "Every mom needs a little extra help sometimes." There's no denying that! The 26-year-old reality television star and fiance Jionni Lavalle welcomed their daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle back in September. In almost two months, the fit mom has bounced back into shape like a pro and wait until you see how tiny her waist looks in the waist trainer!

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Jennifer Lopez's booty was the inspiration for "Baby Got Back"!


Kanye may be able to stare at Kim Kardashian's butt #AllDay, but Sir-Mix-a-Lot says he could totally pass on that…booty. The rapper says he'd much rather look at the glorious glutes that inspired his iconic track Baby Got Back. I'm talking about the one and only Jennifer Lopez. Can I get an Amen?

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Ninel Conde responds to all her haters​ with sexy selfie


Leave it to Ninel Conde to post a sexy selfie just weeks after giving birth. It seems like she has a lot in common with Kim Kardashian. The Mexican actress, who welcomed her son Emmanuel at the end of October, bounced back from her pregnancy and showed off her flat belly to prove it. Now, Ninel is taking a similar approach with her cleavage as well. Ay, some people are such attention seekers. 

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The Botox boob job is working wonders for women


The next time you go to the dermatologist, you'll be able to say, "Fill her up!" when it comes to your breasts. A new popular procedure known as the Botox boob job makes it easier for women to get fuller and less saggy breasts. Aging breasts no longer have to be a part of our vocabulary. Soon enough, Botox boobs will be used as frequently as selfies, and yes, even belfies. This may sound like a dream to some women, but it is really safe and effective? 

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They laughed at her for being fat so she did this great video


For years now, we've heard study after study suggesting that the average American woman wears a size 14. And yet many plus-sized women grapple with self-esteem issues rooted in unrealistic and narrow representations of female body types within the media, the fashion industry's long-standing refusal to even acknowledge the proprotions of the average female consumers, and the mean-spirited remarks made by peers, colleagues, and so-called friends. After years of dealing with chastisement, mockery, and derision, one plus-size woman decided to stand up to body-shaming bullies by putting together a plus-size swimwear lookbook--in the form of a video--in which she flaunts her figure and expresses her love for the skin she's in, encouraging other women to do the same.

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