The 7 most cringe-worthy children's beauty pageant pics you'll ever see (PHOTOS)

Let me be clear: I am not a fan of child beauty pageants. I find them creepy and disturbing, but that does not stop me from being fascinated. So when I come across cringe-worthy child pageant pics, not only do I stop and stare, I also want to force you to take a look. I want you to see what I see so that I am not alone in my horror. You know the saying, misery loves company ... come join me, you know you want to!

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I am the mother of two ridiculously beautiful daughters and I could never in a million years imagine spackling them with makeup, shellacking their hair, putting them in age inappropriate attire, and having them compete against other ridiculously beautiful little girls. I don't get it and I don't want to get it. Please tell me it's not contagious. Now, I'm not completely clueless and totally judgemental, I realize these pictures are supposed to induce "oh-aren't-they-adorable" reactions, but that's not what they induce in me. Here's what I see.

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Add Comment How do you feel about kids beauty pageants?


I think they are awful when the young child is put under ridiculous pressure to please their parent that was never able to compete.

If you take a look at the kid before all the makeup, false eyelashes, false teeth, wig and all the rest - the end product looks nothing like the REAL kid so they should be banned - why have a beauty contest when all the beauty is faked. Also teaches the little kids to wiggle their butts and strut like little whores.
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This is just disgusting! The viewing of these pageants Is sick. Making little girls live up to an expectation and If they don't their not good enough! These kids should have a childhood like everyone else. They should go and play outside instead of worryi
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