Puppy Bowl IX: Cuteness overload scores major points (PHOTOS)

As I've mentioned before I really had no interest in this year's Super Bowl, but what I was really interested in was watching this year's Puppy Bowl! With all the different breeds that were part of the game, it was so hard to pick which were my favorites! And much like the Super Bowl, there were a few puppy rivalries and foul plays at this year's Puppy Bowl IX presented by Animal Planet.

But we're pretty sure they got off easy with the refs since they are after all cute cuddly puppies. Can you get flagged for excessive cuteness?

Although I tragically missed the Puppy Bowl this year, it was great to see that there were many highlights of last night's game. They didn't have Beyonce's amazing performance during their halftime show, but their Puppy Bowl Kiss Cam brought in some adorable and funny clips of puppies being kissed.

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There was even a puppy MVP won by a Schnauzer/ Beagle mix named Marta! I wonder how one gets to be elected to be a ref at the most awaited and adorable game of the year. Maybe next year I'll apply and give it a shot!  

Check out some of last night's cutest puppies and the most interesting clips of the show below! you'll even meet the MVP of the night, Martha!


Image via YouTube

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