Jenni Rivera and Chiquis: A timeline of their rocky relationship

Jenni Rivera's tragic death has left fans around the world shocked and saddened--not only because she was a music legend and a favorite reality TV star, but also because she leaves behind five children. But though the singer had a close relationship with all of her kids, by far the most tumultous--and therefore, most publicized--was that of her and her eldest child, Chiquis.

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Though the two were going through some difficult times before Rivera's sudden passing, it's clear that the mom always had the best intentions for her daughter--even helping her become a celebrity in her own right. In fact, just a few months ago, Rivera tweeted out a picture of her daughter in the newspaper with the caption: "Say what you want to proudest accomplishment has been to get my kids ahead in life all on my own. Chiquis is the first...ahead, my daughter!"

Here's a look back at the more of the ups and downs of their relationship. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chiquis and the entire Rivera family.

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Add Comment Do you think Chiquis will go on to build her own empire?

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The one thing I can remember about Jennie is that evry time life knocked her down she got right back up and faced the problem head on. She was a remarkable woman, mother and entertainer. Now she's entertaining the angels in Heaven.
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I hope it's untrue, all of the drama with her husbands and all. Jenni worked so hard but it seems like Jenni was merely the cash cow for those who betrayed her goodness. Chiqui, if you did screw these men, God forbid your name and bit of of fame will fade soon.

It definitely would have HELPED her that she is Jenni's daughter but she had to ruin it all for herself! Not that many people will respect her since she can't respect her own Mother! It's very likely that she will succeed. Jenni left a strong $foundation$ for her.

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its said the whole thing rip jenni u will b missed u told it like it was and called it like u saw it that will b missed from your voice paquita is a lot like u called it as she saw it
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Chiquis u r a low down dirty dog...
I strongly believe she will not make it as her mother did. Jenni Rivera was an Icon and just like most Icons it's unlikely that their children take over. Just as in Elvis Presley's dgt Lisa Marie and also like Pedro Infante.. they don't have the Charisma and the talent. Specially in this situation where the daughter somehow was involved with her mother's husband..She lost alot of respect..
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Jenni was an indecent vulgar, lascivious, arrogant, crass, conceited, violent, vile, disgusting, pornographic and vain woman. This is the model that Chiquis was left to follow after and follow after she has! She enjoys pornographic vulgarity and indecency just like her mother did. She was fornicating with her mother's own husband Esteban Loaiza, she acts like an entitled little whore with lots of money, and she even named her business "Blow me Dry" which every adult knows stands for oral sex. What can we expect from Chiquis that shows decency in society and humility? Nothing! Now that her vile disgusting gutter mouth mother is dead maybe she and Esteban might go at it again someday. This entire Rivera family are just bad news. They go to their brother Pedro's Pentecostal movement church but they also want to live as vile and secular as possible. They're extreme hypocrites and I predict more calamity for that family until they're all humiliated
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Can't handle a strong woman can you Miguel? And I bet you're a wife beater!
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Wow Miguel. What a piece of shit you are. No respect for the dead. Or their children. Nobody is perfect and I'm sure you aren't. RIP Jenni. You were a beautiful strong woman and a great influence to the Mexican community.
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Lemme guess Miguel, you attend that pentecostal church and consider yourself a "godly" holier-than-tho christian looking down your nose at anyone who isn't as uptight as you!! Judging everyone you see... Guess you assume Jenni couldn't possibly be in "your" heaven givin the foul things you said about her!! Well I'd rather be in Hell with people just like Jenni than anywhere some snotty prick like you might be!!!! Judge much!?! Damn!! You're evil
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