Lupe Ontiveros's 5 most memorable roles (PHOTOS)

The death of legendary Mexican actress Lupe Ontiveros has left us stunned and saddened. After the 69-year-old lost her battle to liver cancer yesterday, both celebrities and the public have expressed their sincere condolescences through social media. And here at  MamásLatinas, we are also remembering not only our favorite Ontiveros movies, but also all she did for the Latin community outside of acting throughout her long career.

In honor of her and all of her accomplishments, here are 5 of Ontiveros' best roles. We'll miss you, Lupe!

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Gosh this actress was spectacular.  She helped so many causes, for me in particular her help and presence with the Wall Las Memorias AIDS Project in Los Angeles meant a lot.  She could be counted on to help in whatever way she could.  You will be missed and thank you for leading the way in so many aspects.


Wow I was shocked when I heard of her passing.  She was an amazing actress and I have to say she was so good that when she played the part in the Selena movie as Yolanda I truly hated her (on screen).  This is why I know she was an amazing actress because she truly made me hate her as Yolanda.  May she rest in peace and may she not be forgotten and may her family have peace in their hearts to be able to go through this tough time in their lives.  God bless

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