William Levy makes Pepsi look good & 6 other Latinos with hot ads! (PHOTOS)

After all of America fell in love with Cuban hunk William Levy during the last season of Dancing with the Stars, I knew it was only a matter of time before he started popping up in movies, TV shows and commercials everywhere. Well, thankfully ladies, that time has finally come--Levy has just been named the new spokesperson for Pepsi Next!

Levy showed his appreciation for the drink in the photo above, posing while taking a sip out of a Pepsi can...and though I don't ever drink soda, I have to admit, he does make it look mighty appealing!

But Levy isn't the only hot Latino to star in their own promotional campaigns: Below, six other of our favorite celebs rock their ads. They look so good, we don't even mind having to sit through the commercials!

Image via Pepsi

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