Happy Mother's Day to some of our fave famous Mamás Latinas! (SLIDESHOW)

All of here at Que Mas want to wish each and every one of you a fabulous Mother's Day! We'd also like to shout out some of our very favorite celebrity moms!

From the old school like Gloria Estefan (who's a mom both literally and figuratively to mainstream Latin pop music) to the new school like Jessica Alba, who gave birth less than a year ago to her second adorable daughter Haven right before launching her amazing Honest Company--these moms have been showing the world how fierce us Latina moms are on the world stage for decades.

Here's our tribute to some of our best and brightest famous Mamás Latinas!


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Mariela is the Managing Editor of MamásLatinas for CafeMom. She's also a politics and pop culture junkie and lover of all NY sports teams (except the Mets--'cause really, come on).

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Great pictures :)


Nice pictures! 


I agree with the other moms, very nice pictures.

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