Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

I'm a wife, mom to a new baby boy and journalist, trying to balance it all, while still taking time to enjoy life with my boys. I interned with Latina magazine before getting my journalism degree in 2008, then freelanced as a food and theater critic. Currently I'm a freelance journalist, but I'm also a pop culture junkie that can be found in front of the television catching up on my shows, paging through my favorite magazines or engrossed in a novel. Otherwise, you'll find me trolling local markets for fresh foods or experimenting in the kitchen--I make a mean cupcake!

I know I'm Latina when...

...I have no problem rocking sky-high heels at the grocery store.

Shayne's Latest Posts

6 Easy bathroom updates anyone can do

The following post is brought to you by IKEA.

The bathroom is arguably one of the rooms in a home that becomes the biggest eyesore when it's in need of an update. Unfortunately, bathroom renovations are notoriously time-consuming and budget-busting, which means outdated bathrooms tend to stick around longer than most people would like. But, there are actually quite a few things you can do to instantly update your bathrooms on the cheap. Keep reading to find out some of our favorites.

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10 Things about breastfeeding (almost) no one will tell you


Before the arrival of my son, I read a grotesque amount of literature on breastfeeding. I was seriously obsessed. I was determined to succeed, so I thought the best thing to do was to read everything I could get my hands on. I found that much of what I read reiterated the same things over and over, but it didn't deter me.

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6 Ways to lose weight effortlessly

It's hard out there for a busy mom. If you've been wanting to shed a few unwanted pounds, but you simply don't have any extra time in your day to hit the gym, complete a workout DVD or attend a weight loss meeting, trying to figure out where to start can seem an impossible task. However, it's actually possible to drop a few pounds here and there without making any major changes. 

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12 Kitchen tools that are must-haves if you really want to lose weight


Eating healthy isn't hard. I know you might think it's hard--or at least harder than what you're doing now--but it's really not that difficult. At least not if you set yourself up correctly. The easiest way to clean up your diet is to start cooking at home, which can seem like a daunting task, but once you have a few good wholesome recipes under your belt and all the necessary supplies, you can prepare healthful meals in less time than it takes to hit the drive through. Now, I'm not saying you need to go out and purchase all the newest kitchen gadgets at the local big box store, I'm saying that you should make sure your kitchen is thoughtfully stocked with truly functional tools that you will use on a daily basis. Check out my must-haves in the slideshow below.

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Mom of 3 proudly shows off REAL & jiggly abs, goes viral


Rachel Hollis, an author, blogger and mother of three, recently shared a picture of herself wearing a bikini at the beach while vacationing in Cancun. The first thing I noticed when it popped up on my news feed was her gorgeous smile, but her pearly whites weren't the subject of the headline. Her belly was. 

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