Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

I'm a wife, mom to a new baby boy and journalist, trying to balance it all, while still taking time to enjoy life with my boys. I interned with Latina magazine before getting my journalism degree in 2008, then freelanced as a food and theater critic. Currently I'm a freelance journalist, but I'm also a pop culture junkie that can be found in front of the television catching up on my shows, paging through my favorite magazines or engrossed in a novel. Otherwise, you'll find me trolling local markets for fresh foods or experimenting in the kitchen--I make a mean cupcake!

I know I'm Latina when...

...I have no problem rocking sky-high heels at the grocery store.

Shayne's Latest Posts

5 Must-have jackets for under $100


You guys, I am so excited about this year's outerwear trends. The textures, the muted colors, the menswear inspiration, the classic vibes -- I just love it all. I wish I could have a jacket in each and every one of these styles, but there just aren't enough weeks in the season for that to be practical. There are however, plenty of budget-friendly options to make buying one or two feasible -- not to mention, a whole lof of fun. 

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Vegan mom loses custody after refusing to feed her child animal products


A Florida mom is facing criminal charges after refusing to feed her newborn baby a physican prescribed formula. The baby lost ten percent of his body weight and had become dehydrated. Sarah Markham is a vegan and chose instead to supplement her breastmilk with a vegan soy formula. The doctor also insisted that Markham bring her son to the hospital for treatment, which she chose not to do. She apparently was waiting to see whether the soy formula helped, before bringing the baby to the hospital. The baby was removed from her custody when he was just two weeks old. But was that the right choice?


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6 Ways to break your junk food addiction

Chips, cakes, candy, soda, fried food--it's all so tasty, and so readily available, and so easy to get hooked on. There's no real problem with the occasional treat of course, the problem starts when the occasional treats start to happen too frequently. Studies have shown that high intake of sugar releases serotonin into the brain. Being a hormone that quite literally makes you feel happy, serotonin can quickly turn your junk food consumption from casual to a full blown addiction in no time. Harder still is the fact that many seemingly innocent simple carbohydrates, like rice, white potatoes and corn, actually turn to sugar as they digest in your body. So how are you supposed to avoid becoming a sugar junkie in the first place let alone curb a problem that's already in full swing? Read on to find out.


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DIY Projects

5 Different ways to use caulk

Caulk is cheap. Sorry, sorry--I couldn't help myself. But seriously, a couple tubes of caulk can be an inexpensive solution to a number of household fixes that you may have been putting off for awhile. Not only that, but it's super easy to use and takes just minutes to apply. We all think of caulk as something used in the bathroom and kitchen--and it's great in those areas--but there are a few other ways to use it as well. Keep reading to find out how.

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3 Ways exfoliating your scalp will help your hair grow


I can't wait to tell you how scalp exfoliation can you get you the long, flowing tresses you've been dreaming of. If you've been attempting to grow your hair out for months or even years and you've made little to no progress, or have gained some length but are currently experiencing a plateau, there's one super simple beauty you may not have tried--scalp exfoliation. We all know exfoliation can work wonders for our skin, especially during the colder months when skin tends to dry out easily thanks to harsh winds and dry indoor heat, but most of us don't think about our scalps all that often--feet, knees and faces, sure. Scalps, not so much. But there are tons of benefits to scalp exfoliation including hair growth. 

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