10 Festive hairstyles for the holiday season


With the holiday season among us, chances are you still have a ton of parties this month to hit up. I know I do! I love everything about the holidays. I love the food, being around friends and family, plus it gives me the perfect excuse to get dolled up. But a stylish outfit isn't complete without a fantastic hairstyle. Though I normally like to wear my hair down, I'm loving some of these fun fishtail braids and modern updos I've been seeing lately. And I can't think of a better place to rock then than at my next holiday party!

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5 Trucos para un maquillaje natural perfecto


Un maquillaje natural, o el famoso no-makeup makeup look, nunca pasa de moda. Pero, contrario a lo que muchos piensan, recrearlo es aún más tedioso que cualquier maquillaje pesado. Por suerte te tengo cinco truquitos que te facilitarán la vida… ¡Quedarás preciosa!

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3 Ways to get the perfect cat-eye (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)


I've always been pretty intimidated by the cat-eye. The only way I could nail this look is with a dumb-proof, felt-pen liquid liner. Forget messing with gel eyeliner pots and brushes--don't judge me! Between trying to keep my hand steady and never knowing where to draw the angle from, this could be one of the most difficult makeup looks for me to replicate which is why I decided to go to celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez for some advice. This girl hacks the cat-eye like it's child's play!

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Argentinian gets almost a dozen surgeries to look exactly like Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is hands down one of the most beautiful men on this planet. Trust me--I've seen the guy in person! So I can't blame Fran Mariano for wanting to look like him. But the number of plastic surgeries he's undergone to reach those results is kind of creepy. The man has had more than half a dozen procedures on his face alone. Tell me this isn't crazy!

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10 Most extreme plastic surgeries of 2014

extreme PHOTOS

Somehow and someway extreme plastic surgeries managed to take over our newsfeeds in 2014. From the tri-boob lady to a handful of human Barbies and Kim Kardashian look-alikes, spending countless of dollars on looking crazy was definitely a trend this year. We are counting down the most extreme plastic surgeries of 2014. 

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10 Ways to fake fuller lips


Say what you want about the Kardashian/Jenner clan but when it comes to beauty these girls know exactly what they're doing. They're practically pros when it comes to contouring, fake lashes, nude lipstick, smoky eyes, hair extensions and--don't forget--rocking those full lips! Speaking of full lips, have you seen how huge Kylie's have been looking lately? It's become one of the most googled things on the internet right now. There's even a hashtag dedicated to it. But believe it or not injections aren't the trick behind this girl's voluminous pout!

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Entiende por qué tienes exceso de vello en la cara y aprende a eliminarlo


El exceso de vello en la cara es un malestar evidente que ataca a la belleza femenina. Se convierte para la mujer que lo sufre en una verdadera pesadilla. Actualmente existen muchos métodos para eliminarlo pero primero debes enterarte que existe una enfermedad que provoca el crecimiento excesivo del vello en las mujeres. Es toda una ciencia. Pero en pro de la belleza vale la pena entender el proceso, para eliminarlo de un tajo.

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10 Mind-blowing facts about lipstick

I own a ridiculous number of lipstick tubes. So many that I haven't even gone through half of them. There's just something so glamorous about being able to swipe a nice shade of lipstick across your lips. But whether you put on some every day (like I do) or just when you're out on a date or with the girls, there's a lot more to lipstick than just being pretty. I actually did a little research and was kind of baffled by some of the mind-blowing facts about this makeup bag staple. Pucker up and read on!

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Trucos de maquillaje: Cómo usar las sombras para que los ojos se vean grandes y sexy (Tutorial)

sombras VIDEO

Sophía Loren, Sofía Vergara, Penélope Cruz, Arianna Grande y Chiquis Marín Rivera, tienen algo en común que hace suspirar a todos los hombres y vuelve verde de la envidia a todas las mujeres. Estoy hablando de sus gigantes y almendrados ojos café.

Afortunadamente, la mayoría de las latinas tenemos los ojos de colores parecidos y con la ayuda de maqullaje, podemos darle esa forma de ensueño. Si no me crees, fíjate en cómo cambia Selena Gómez con maquillaje. Te hice un tutorial paso a paso de qué hacer para lograrlo tú también.

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Piel de Porcelana

4 Remedios para pies secos y agrietados

Si como yo, tienes la piel seca, sabrás que durante el invierno los pies, y especialmente los talones, tienden a agrietarse. ¿Te ha pasado? Pero claro, el hecho de que en esta estación se la pasen escondidos bajo gruesos calcetines y botas, no significa que no queramos que luzcan, y se sientan, maravillosos. Por eso, descubre estas técnicas para curar y prevenir el agrietamiento de tus pies, que además de ser simples y placenteras, ¡sí funcionan! 

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