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Maracuja oil: 6 reasons it's the new argan oil


There's a hot new beauty oil everyone is raving about these days and I'm not talking coconut oil. No it's far more luxurious. Think argan oil but less greasy and packed with a zillion more beauty benefits. Okay, still don't know what I'm talking about? I'm referring to maracuja oil. It's a fancy schmanzy oil that comes from various varieties of Passionflower plant and passion fruit seeds. It's light, it's moisturizing and will change your skin forever!

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Magnesium oil: 6 beauty benefits of this new trend


Okay, so I'm just going to put it out there. I'm absolutely obsessed with coconut oil and make it a big part of my beauty regimen. I use it to deep condition my hair, to moisturize my body and even dab on a little to my face during the wintertime. I'm telling you, this stuff works magic! You would not believe how radiant it leaves my skin and how shiny it leaves my strands. I don't know what I'd do without it! But apparently there's another miracle beauty ingredient out there that's making its way to women's vanity tables and it's magnesium oil!

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5 Skincare products that will banish manchas forever

I love having a honey toned complexion, but I'm not going to lie, it definitely comes with its own set of problems. Like most Latinas with olive skin or darker, I struggle with uneven skin tone. Certain parts of my face appear slightly lighter or darker than others and I get pesky manchas too, usually after a bad breakout. Trust me--it's not cute! Funny thing is, most people I meet find my skin flawless and radiant. I get compliments all the time (especially from my gringa friends). Well, that's what working in the beauty industry for years will do to you. I might struggle with dark spots and hyperpigmentation but I have enough tricks, tips (and product recommendations) up my sleeve to know how to brighten up my complexion ASAP!

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10 Ways to protect your skin this winter

woman PHOTOS

We can all agree that cold weather is great for the hair, but terrible for the skin. With the low temperatures comes the dry, cracked, patchy skin and problems like eczema thrive in the winter. If left unattended, skin cracks, breaks and bleeds. Fortunately, there are things we can do to prevent dry, damaged skin and I'm going to tell you about these fixes. Check out our slideshow so you can learn how to protect your skin this winter and keep it moist and glowing.

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Can you guess which Latin celeb these 10 tattoos belong to?


I look to celebs for just about everything: fashion, trends, and yes, even tattoos. I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo sometime before the end of the year and so, I've been taking notes from some of the most inked celebs out there. I've learned a lot, to say the least. First, I learned that you should never get a tattoo of someone's name. Because tattoos last forever, and the same can't be said for love. Not always. Second, I learned you should get a tattoo of something meaningful, and possibly culturally significant. And lastly, these 10 Latino celebs taught me that no matter what you get inked on your body, it'll become a part of you. Not just your body, but it'll become a part of your legacy.

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10 Surprising beauty benefits of dark chocolate!


Researchers are finally discovering what I've long suspected to be true: the fountain of youth is filled with dark chocolate!

By now you've probably heard how dark chocolate containing at least 70% of cocoa can help in the fight against heart disease and diabetes, but did you know that the dark stuff can also help give you gorgeous, glowy skin and hair? True story.  

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5 Ways to get rid of puffy, tired eyes​ INSTANTLY!

I been having problems sleeping lately and it shows all over my face. Puffy eyes isn't something I usually struggle with but with everything I've had on my plate lately and these giant puffs under my eyes, you'd think I just had an allergy attack or something. The other day it was so bad, my friend asked me whether I'd slept in my contacts again. She was like, "girl what's up with the bags?" And no, she wasn't referring to the designer kind!

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EE Cream: The new mancha-fighting formula every Latina needs

First there were BB creams, then CC creams and yes, now there are EE creams! In fact, Estée Lauder just came out with their Estée Lauder Enlighten EE Even Effect Skintone Corrector ($40), which promises to fight manchas and address hyper pigmentation, a problem a lot of Latinas struggle with. So you could imagine how thrilled I was when I heard about this product. But does the EE cream actually work? Or is this just another fancy marketing gimmick?

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3 Natural ways to remove unwanted facial hair


We LOVE skin care and products and anything that makes our face look and feel like a baby's bottom. Not exaggerating, right? Some women do whatever it takes to get that smooth complexion, even if it includes shaving their face. Yes, I said shaving! Apparently it's nothing new and there are tons of tools out there to help you achieve that goal. If you are interested in removing your facial hair, keep reading so you'll know what do.

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Charcoal: How to use this hot new beauty ingredient

Though it's been used for centuries for both medicinal and aesthetic purposes, charcoal is now being heralded as the latest buzz-worthy beauty ingredient, popping up in acne-fighting face washes and masks, cleansing sponges, body bars, scalp-soothing shampoos, and cream eye liners. But don't go raiding your husband's BBQ stash in hopes of turning that unused charcoal into an at-home remedy!

What these products contain is activated coal, a form of carbon that's been processed and treated with oxygen at high temperatures to increase its adsorption. What the heck does that mean ayways?

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