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7 Weird but useful beauty tricks

You don't need a lot of time or money to get glowy skin, silky hair, or flawless nails. All you need is a little knowhow and an open mind. Personally, I'm pretty much always game to try just about any quick and inexpensive DIY beauty hack I can find on the web. Sure, some of my beauty experiments have been a little weird, but they were totally worth it.

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Hecho en Casa

Abuela's beauty DIY: An all-natural facial mask that fades manchas for good

The only thing I hate more than acne are the annoying dark spots they leave behind. And unfortunately this is especially noticeable on Latinas with olive, medium, or dark skin (ugh!). So how do you deal with this pesky problem? Well I've tried every product out there and the only thing that seems to work for my manchas is an old school beauty remedy my abuelita swears by!

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10 under $10: Affordable concealers that actually work

Listen up chicas: Just because you don't have perfect skin, doesn't mean anyone has to find out! A good concealer brightens, lightens, highlights, color-corrects, and even covers pesky manchas! How do you find one that actually works and at a bargain price? Well, that's where I come in. I rounded up the best drugstore concealers--all for under $10 a pop.

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5 Easy ways to hide your skin imperfections

Concealer has to be one of the most important beauty products in your makeup bag. This beauty must-have can leave anyone's skin looking flawless, but it's actually a lot trickier to use than you might think. Concealing imperfections is an art form in and of itself, and it's all about finding the right formula, figuring out the best technique, and knowing how much to apply. Too little concealer can leave dark circles, wrinkles, and blemishes all on display. But too much concealer can actually highlight what you want to hide. I got the scoop on how to help you use concealer to score a perfectly flawless looking face!

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Bye-bye BB, CC creams are the next big beauty trend!

Just when I was FINALLY starting to wrap my head around the much buzzed-about BB cream (a high-octane tinted moisturizer that treats various skin-care concerns like wrinkles, acne, and blemishes), a whole new multi-tasking skincare formula known as CC cream (a.k.a color or complexion correction cream) has suddenly hit the beauty market. CC creams are pretty much BB creams on steroids! Like the BB cream, it was popularized in Asia, and is an all-in-one tinted formula, packed with antioxidants, SPF, moisturizer, and other anti-aging ingredients to offer even more coverage than its predecessor, while evening and brightening the color of your complexion. Sounds good to me!

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Save or Splurge? BB creams

I LOVE makeup, but I'm not one of those girls who cakes on a whole new face every morning. I'm actually of the opinion that perfect makeup should basically make you look really fresh faced, as if you just naturally rolled out of bed looking divine! We all wish, right?

This is part of the reason I was so excited about trying out these new BB creams. Last spring, when these all-in-one formulas started gaining traction, I sort of felt like they were too good to be true. I mean, come on--it's sort of hard to swallow that one product would ever be able to smooth out my skin, minimize pores, cover blemishes and dark circles AND moisturize and protect my delicate facial skin from the sun. 

So, I tried two of these miracles-in-a-tube out, one high-end and one drugstore: Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 ($42, and L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream ($10.99,

Here's my verdict...

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Productos de belleza con tres "B" esenciales: Buenos, bonitos y baratos

No hace falta superar los treinta años para darnos cuenta que la ley de gravedad  hará su efecto en nuestra  piel, que todo lo que estaba terso empieza a denotar signos de madurez –para no decir vejez-. Nos lanzamos a la búsqueda de productos que nos ayuden a mantener la lozanía de la piel, pero la mayoría de las veces, los que funcionan son tan costosos que nos quedamos como un chiquillo viendo golosinas desde el mostrador.

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Why are Latinas so obsessed with plastic surgery?

We all know that as a nation, the U.S. is pretty fixated on appearances--we are home to Hollywood after all! But according to a recent report by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are six other surprising countries that also have no qualms about getting nipped and tucked, including two in Latin America: Brazil and Colombia.

On the list of the top 7 plastic surgery spots in the world, Brazil, Colombia and the United States take the fourth, fifth, and sixth spots respectively. In all three countries, liposuction was the most popular of the invasive surgeries with breast implants coming in a close second. And according to the data, Colombia has actually become a tourist destination for those loking for a little nip and tuck for a lot less money.

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What do Latina supermodels look like without makeup? (PHOTOS)

You've probably wondered if supermodels look as beautiful sporting a natural face as they do on the runway. I know I have! Well, we recently stumbled upon these pictures that show a side-by-side comparison of what some of the world's most famous models look like with and without makeup

In the above photos of internationally recognized supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, you can see the cosmetic-free faces of both lovely Latinas alongside their glam editorial shots. The results? Proof that they're honestly stunning either way!

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¿Sufres de acné? Con un poco de tomillo ¡podrías deshacerte de él!

Ya decía yo, que las abuelitas no podrían estar tan equivocadas con sus remedios caseros. Y es que los ingredientes naturales, han demostrado muchas veces ser hasta mejores que los medicamentos y las fórmulas que se venden en la farmacia. Lo digo porque un estudio llevado a cabo en la Universidad de Leeds Metropolitan, en Inglaterra, afirma que la tintura de tomillo podría ser una solución más efectiva y con menos efectos secundarios que los compuestos químicos, informó BBC Mundo.

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