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10 Dramatic Miss Universe plastic surgery transformations

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I love how beauty queens never like admitting they've had work done. They want us to believe God just made them that perfect! The moment Colombia's Miss Universe winner Paulina Vega hit the stage I knew something was different about her. And by different I mean sort of fake. She's a gorgeous girl, but we all know Miss Universe contestants seem to have their own secret society when it comes to faking the natural look. Vega recently answered the daunting question whether she supports going under the knife and tried to answer it as gracefully as possible. Girl, I'm not buying it. 

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Snooki chops off all her hair, SEE her post-pregnancy transformation


It looks like Snooki chopped off all her hair! Yes, you read that right--all her hair! The mom of two recently ditched her long red waves in favor of a much shorter--and super chic--dark lob and I have to admit, I kind of LOVE it! I personally think she looks better than ever and I'm feeling how fresh and stylish this cut looks. Trust me, this is no soccer mom shag! I wonder what motivated her to cut off her trademark locks. Maybe she's been too busy with her new daughter, Giovanna Marie, and her 2-year-old son Lorenzo to be fussing with waist-length strands? Or maybe she was just looking to switch things up? Either way you have to see it!

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Women are getting Botox to make their blowouts last longer!


Remember way back when Botox first started being talked about? It seems like ages ago ... and now Botox is EVERYWHERE. People are still using it in their faces to deal with wrinkles and supposedly look younger, but it's also being used for other purposes like maintaining a blowout. Yup, that's right, apparently there are women Botoxing their scalps so they won't sweat and mess up their hair because--oh my Dios--that would be the end of the world … NOT!

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13 Beauty trends we do NOT want to see in 2015


I really don't think 2014 was a good year for us when it came to beauty. Some of the trends were just terrible, to say the least. We definitely need to keep ourselves more occupied this year because apparently some of us had just a little bit too much time on our hands--hence the awful looks. I mean, who has time to be overdrawing their lips a la Kylie Jenner all the time? And who said overdrawn, exaggerated pouts were even cute? And don't even get me started on the whole butt injections obsession or overly filled eyebrows. I'm telling you a lot of these trends just need to die already!

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10 Beauty products you should not waste your money on​

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Alright, ladies. Time to fess up: How many of you have a graveyard of barely-used creams, serums, and potions collecting dust at the back of your beauty drawer? Don't be ashamed. We all do. The fact of the matter is, the billion dollar cosmetic industry does a fantastic job of making us believe we need a slew of "miracle" beauty products when we really don't. In fact, most of beauty products being hawked are totally useless. Sorry.

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10 New dark nail polishes you should try this season


I'm currently having a moody nail polish moment and trust me--I don't mean that in a bad way! The colder weather has me wanting to sport a deep, dark manicure and no, I'm not talking black. The nail polish colors trending right now are so much better than that! From emerald gray to peacock teal--even deep violet--there's sure to be a shade that will keep you stylish this season!

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The Botox boob job is working wonders for women


The next time you go to the dermatologist, you'll be able to say, "Fill her up!" when it comes to your breasts. A new popular procedure known as the Botox boob job makes it easier for women to get fuller and less saggy breasts. Aging breasts no longer have to be a part of our vocabulary. Soon enough, Botox boobs will be used as frequently as selfies, and yes, even belfies. This may sound like a dream to some women, but it is really safe and effective? 

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Extreme plastic surgery transformations from China will shock you!


Transforming your face until you're almost unrecognizable appears to be growing more and more into a beauty trend in China. Drastic before and afters reveals a plastic surgery fascination in Asia that doesn't seem to be slowing down. This feels like the canceled reality show The Swan without the women actually being "ugly ducklings" being transformed. These women are heading to plastic surgeons for lighter skin, narrower faces and removal of their epicanthic folds. 

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11 Outrageous but trendy plastic surgeries

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More and more women are opting to go under the knife to rid themselves of the pocket of fat located under their booties, otherwise known as a "banana roll."

I didn't even know that was a thing, much less that it had a specific nickname. Here I was, calling mine Tito all this time! I'm joking of course, because sometimes you just have to laugh at the ridiculous things ladies find to have sucked, cut, nipped and tucked on our bodies.

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Model wears extreme faja for years to get a 16 inch waist


Holy corset, Batgirl! Fetish model and apparent masochist Kelly Lee Dekay has perhaps one of the tiniest waists I've ever seen on a human being. And that's really saying something. As a Latina, I grew up watching Thalia flaunt her practically ribless torso across the stage and small screen. But I have to admit, this chica's tiny waist makes Thalia's look almost normal. That's because, despite having some Kardashian-esque curves, the 27-year-old's waist is only 16 inches, all around. How is that even possible? Well, unlike Thalia and other celebs whom shall not be named, Dekay totally cops to the fact that her whittled middle isn't natural--not in the least. No, she just did it the really, really, reeeeeally ol' fashioned way.

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