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6 Ways to make your vagina tastes like Christmas

Women these days are so concerned with their vaginas--and I don't mean just from a health stand point. We're obsessed with the way it looks. Is it too brown? Is it too fat? Should I wax it? Does it smell? But unless you've experienced some abnormal discomfort or it's gotten in the way of your sex life, chances are your lady-garden looks and smells just fine. I'm pretty sure your guy isn't fussing over his penis smelling like holiday potpourri. Wait a second, what if you could make your vagina taste like Christmas? I know that sounds nuts, but you can't talk because last year you were bedazzling your vag with bling!

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Inside Don Omar's multimillion dollar mansion


Don Omar is saying adios to his New Jersey home. The reggaetonero recently put his colonial-inspired mansion on the market for $1.3 million. The Puerto Rican rapper has been living in the beautiful home since 2007. This is also the mansion he shared with Jackie Guerrido when they were married. Since the domestic violence arrest, Don Omar probably wants to start 2015 fresh. Although some are speculating that he may have run into financial trouble. 

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13 Regalos de última hora que conquistarán al hombre de tu vida


Este año, ¡olvídate de las corbatas! Regalarle algo a los hombres de tu vida -sea papá, hermano, hijo o esposo- no tiene que ser complicado. Basta con escoger obsequios que les facilite la rutina en un dos por tres. ¡Te quedarás loca con tantas opciones que existen!

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Jackfruit: 5 ways this superfood is great for weight loss


Just like its size, this huge fruit contains huge benefits. The smell, flavor and even the appearance of jackfruit makes it highly distinctive. Its tree is one of the largest in the whole world, and it is very commonly found in south India. Since its presence is so prevalent, the nutritional significance of jackfruit is very undervalued, but this versatile fruit is brimming with nutrients. It can be boiled, roasted or eaten dried. The fleshy part can be juiced or made into jelly or ice cream.

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You won't believe why Toni Costa is jealous of Adamari Lopez

No fair, Tonia Costa (Admari Lopez's fiancé and soon to be baby daddy) just stole my heart and made it all mushy. The self-described "español-riqueño" dancer is quite obviously in love with Adamari López and over the moon about becoming a father. I'm mean, he is so taken by the experience that he quite literally gushed on Instagram about it and it might be the sweetest daddy-to-be moment I have ever seen online. He's got me all choked up because I am a sap for men who are not ashamed of expressing their love publicly. And then add on to that how excited he is about meeting his baby girl, Alaïa, I kid you not, I'm swooning. Look at this!

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26 Latinos famosos que se nos fueron en el 2014

Famosos PHOTOS

Inolvidables los funerales de Chespirito y Mónica Spears. Ambos famosos, ambos muy queridos y muy extrañados. Estos dos actores marcaron el principio y el final de 2014 por sus sentidas muertes. En el medio, a lo largo de los meses, nos tocó despedirnos de muchos más celebridades latinas.

La farándula hispana sufrió crímenes violentos, enfermedades devastadoras y la muerte de sus ancianos, como el gran escritor Gabriel García Márquez. No fue un año fácil para los que se dedican a la música y a las artes escénicas. Esos que se ganan la vida haciéndonos soñar. Despedimos también al gran Gustavo Cerati, a Héctor Arredondo a Aldo Sarabia, de Banda El Recodo, entre muchos otros. Aquí te los recuerdo, para que les volvamos a dar las gracias. Es más, estoy segura que algunos te van a sorprender.

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6 Powerful herbs to get you through flu season


Cold and flu season is here in full force. In fact, as I write this I'm nursing a doozy of a cold. These days, I typically choose to avoid the chemicals and additives found in most cold, cough and flu medications and wait it out with an occasional dose of acetaminophen to ease a sore throat or headache and a number of more natural remedies that can help ease symptoms and reduce the duration of the illness. 

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Blue Ivy upstages Beyonce with her awesome hair


Blue Ivy and her hair are making headlines again. This time it is for rocking what I believe is the cutest faux hauk I have ever seen and upstaging her mother Beyonce with it. I can't wait to show you the picture, but first let's acknowledge that Blue Ivy's hair has become a national obsession. I mean, has any toddler ever gotten as much attention for their hair as the fruit of Beyonce and Jay-Z's loins? It would be one thing if folks were celebrating her natural curls and texture, but oh no, there was that ridiculously insensitive skit making fun of Blue's hair that Karruche Tran participated in, then some wackadoodle started a petition to get Beyonce to properly care for Blue Ivy's hair.

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William Levy culpa a una periodista de su separación de Elizabeth Gutiérrez


El escándalo de William Levy y Ximena Navarrete sigue su curso. Pero ahora quieren buscar culpables antes de aceptar que el romance va viento en popa y que probablemente su idilio haya sido la razón de su separación de la madre de sus hijos. Resulta que están arremetiendo contra una periodista mexicana, que fue quien aseguró llegaron muy agarraditos de manos a un evento de Televisa. Ahora ellos dicen que Shanik Berman no tenía derecho de afirmar que el romance existe, puesto que no estaba presente y quieren echarle la culpa al comentario como la causa de la separación. ¡Ay, please! A estas alturas del partido no hay manera de tapar el sol con un dedo.

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Marc Anthony's wife Shannon de Lima shows everything in tiny bikini!


Newlyweds Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima are making sure to keep the romance alive. The Venezuelan model recently posted a sweet video of the salsa singer and her son feeding birds while vacationing on a yacht. Life sure is good in the Anthony household! Lima also posted a photo taking a dip in a tiny bikini that would probably even make Jennifer Lopez jealous! 

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